Frenship schools staff, students set goals for the upcoming academic year

Many Frenship parents, students and teachers started school Monday with a goal for progressing through the new school year. Here are the goals of a few who were willing to share with us:

“Our goal at Frenship is to have 100 percent of our eligible students graduate from FHS this year. But that’s not a really good goal, because it was our goal last year. But we had a 98.13 percent completion rate last year, and I’d like to improve on that. We had a 96.1 percent attendance rate last year; I’d like to improve on that. I’d like to make sure that all of our instructional time is being used for bell-to-bell instruction, and I want us all to have fun while we’re doing this.”
Kim Spicer, Frenship High School principal

“I just want to have a positive year and make good grades and have a good year. That’s it.”
Antonieta Wescott, FHS freshman

“I just want to have a really good year this year, and not have to worry about, you know, the TAKS test and stuff. I want to try to get my grades up and understand more, so I don’t have to worry about TAKS test, so I can know I’ll pass it. I’d be more positive about the year.”
Audrey Garza, FHS freshman

With pre-kindergarten son: “There’s a lot to go over, work on.”
April Espino, North Ridge Elementary School mother

“My goal is to have every child in my classroom succeed, no matter what it takes. And to have fun teaching them by moving and music and being up and active the whole time.”
Christy Hoodenpyle, North Ridge Elementary School second-grade teacher

“My goal for this year is just to have the kids, I want to see them progress, and see them grow. As far as them being able to read, develop their reading skills even better. In math, the same thing, to see them grow, be able to do those skills that they should be able to do at the end of the year, adding, subtracting, abstractly, I guess, without having to use their fingers and count and that kind of thing. And reading, just to see them move up in the levels and their fluency and their ability to read better and to have their competence in it.”
Dana Wilson, North Ridge Elementary School first-grade teacher

“Our goal this year, we talked about it at our morning assembly, is to go from great to greater because we did an outstanding job last year. So we’re just going to pick up where we left off last year and just keep going: a new beginning for everybody.”
Cheryl Booher, North Ridge Elementary School principal

“I have a lot of AP classes, so I’m definitely just trying to get my homework in on time and do everything so I can get all the credit for that.”
Kelly Helms, FHS junior

“I’m taking a lot of dual credit, and so basically I’m just trying to get all of my homework together and just try to make as high a grade as I can, just so that it looks better on a college resume so I can go to Tech.”
Breanna Snodgrass, FHS junior

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