Frenship resident Kelsey Kilgore publishes Christian romantic comedy

Kelsey Kilgore recently published her first novel, a Christian romantic comedy called “A Love for Larkspur.” (Photo provided by Kelsey Kilgore)

Lubbock blogger Kelsey Kilgore had her first novel, a Christian romantic comedy, published in July by Copestone Fiction. “A Love for Larkspur” is a witty tale of a 20-something who decides her mother can’t do much harm to her love life or her hair and puts both in her mother’s hands with mixed results.

Kilgore also has her own blog at, where the self-titled “sorta shallow Christian mom” relates her own mothering adventures.

This is your first published book. Is it your first ever effort at writing a book?

“No. My first one was so bad no one will ever see it… It was my learning effort. This is what came after it.”

Describe your writing process. Do you have a page-per-day quota?

“I write in spurts, so I might write 100 pages in a week, and then nothing for a month.”

What brought you to the Lubbock area?

“I grew up in Fort Worth. I came out here to go to Tech.”

What made you stay?

“A man — I got married, stayed, had a family.”

How on Earth do you manage to write with four children, including two preschool-aged children?

“Pretty much only when they are taking naps or in bed at night. I do a lot of writing in my head. Whenever I get in front of my computer, then I write the scenes.”

What got you interested in blogging?

“I started a blog so I could attract readers for books that would one day be published. That never should have worked, but it did.”

You seem to draw inspiration from your children on your blog. Where did you draw inspiration for the book?

“I guess I like to read this sort of thing. I like to read  funny women’s fiction. I like comedy, I like romance. I guess when it came, I didn’t want to write about motherhood… But I probably will in the future.”

In the opening chapter of the book, Larkspur allows her mother to cut her hair. Would you ever be that adventurous?

“No. Never. I wouldn’t want to write a book about someone who’s just like me. I wanted to make her more spontaneous, more fun… I do share her distaste for public restrooms.”

Your writing on your blog and in “A Love for Larkspur” is pretty quirky and funny. Are you that funny in person?

“No. I’m very quiet, don’t like to talk at all. Not a very social person, not comfortable in social settings, not a storyteller.”

But the book and the blog are very funny.

“Anything can be funny if you write funny. Even the most painful situations, and for me, it should be, because it helps.”

Is Lubbock your inspiration for Plains Point, the location of the book?

“The neighborhood that I envisioned is Tech Terrace. I never lived there, but I always thought it was great.”

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