Frenship PTSA raises money for family of teen killed in crash

Frenship High School’s Parent Teacher Student Association, or PTSA, has raised more than $800 for the family of a student killed in an accident last month.

Donny Waldenmayer, 15, was on a motorcycle road trip with his father on April 20 when he was hit by a tractor-trailer rig.

Janean Sproul, a parent leader of the PTSA, said she and Debbie Birchfield attended Waldenmayer’s funeral and talked to some of his friends from FHS there.

Later, Sproul said, those friends contacted PTSA to ask if they could help raise money for the family’s expenses.

PTSA has held a student night each month of the school year and decided to dedicate the final one on May 4 to Donny.

“We were going to do the student night at Dave’s Need 4 Speed anyway,” Sproul said. “It was important to his friends to do the benefit. They were the ones who kind of came up with the idea.”

The owner of Dave’s Need 4 Speed donated all money from tickets to the family, she said, and proceeds from concessions PTSA sold that night also went to the family.

In addition, one of Donny’s friends designed a skate shirt in his honor, which is now being sold at the high school.

Preston Miller, an FHS sophomore who designed the shirt, said he is on a skateboard team, and fellow skaters decided to put him on one of the skate team shirts.

“Donny was a real good person,” he said, also describing him as “a good friend of mine.”

Preston said it was important to the students they let Donny’s family know he wasn’t going to be forgotten.

“We wanted to raise money to help out his parents for the funeral costs,” Preston said.

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