Frenship ISD board backs resolution against high-stakes testing

Board members from the Frenship Independent School District passed a resolution opposing over-reliance on high-stakes testing Monday night at the Casey Administration Building in Wolfforth.

The resolution from the Texas Association of School Administrators will be presented to legislators in Austin.

David Vroonland, superintendent of FISD, said districts representing 91 percent of the students in Texas have supported the resolution.

Vroonland said Frenship students perform well on tests like the TAKS and STAAR, and he expects they will continue to perform well.

“We’re doing all this testing. Are we really producing a ready graduate?” Vroonland asked.

He said the tests are not producing the sort of students schools want.

“They are mastering what they need to master,” Vroonland said, but he said the students forget information later. “Our over-emphasis in the testing system has created kids who complete tasks but are not great problem-solvers.”

Board member Jolyn Wilkins said the board is doing more than just approving a resolution. It wants students equipped for the future.

The board approved the resolution unanimously.

The FISD board also approved a consent agenda, which included:

  • Minutes from the Oct. 15 meeting
  • A financial report
  • Personnel recommendations
  • Policy updates
  • Consideration of required documentation of eminent domain authority in Texas
  • Maximum class-size waivers

    The Frenship board will next meet on Dec. 17.

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