Frenship HS junior honored for helping shooting victims

When two middle school students from Roswell, N.M., were shot at their school last month, one Frenship High School junior looked at her own siblings and decided to take action.

Abigail Gil was sitting at home hearing about the news when she realized the students who were shot were close in age to her own brother and sister.

“My brother and sister mean the world to me,” Abigail said. “The story just kind of hit. It stuck with me. It was a girl and a boy. It very well could have been my brother and my sister.

What she did next would earn her the honor of the FHS Parent Teacher Student Association Acts of Kindness award.

Abigail contacted FHS Principal Kim Spicer to get permission to make posters in support of the Roswell students, who were brought to University Medical Center in Lubbock after the shooting.

She and her mother went to a store and bought cards for nurses to sign, and she got butcher paper to make supportive posters for the shooting victims and their classmates.

Lori Powell, a health sciences teacher at FHS, nominated Abigail for the award because she carried the two “huge” posters throughout her school day and collected words of encouragement for the two victims.

“Abigail’s action of kindness and empathy reflects a spirit of service touching lives outside FISD,” Powell said, adding that she is “proud to have Abigail in health science.”

Abigail said her love for her siblings inspired her to reach out as she hopes others would reach out to her family if a similar tragedy affected them.

She wanted the Roswell families to know people care about them.

“If I were in that situation, I’d want to feel a sense of support,” she said.

Bringing the posters to school, Abigail asked her classmates to sign them for the injured students.

“They were really cooperative, and they didn’t really hesitate. They were like, ‘Oh, we’ve got to get these signed,’” Abigail said. “It was really emotional for me. Just to see 20, 30 students stand up.”

Because she acted quickly, Abigail said she was able to get the posters to UMC before the first patient was released, and she knows that patient got to see it.

Abigail said creating the posters was a spontaneous decision, so it surprised her to win an award for kindness.

But her future plans also involve a career of kindness. Abigail will be in the certified nursing assistant program at FHS next year and plans to graduate with a CNA. In college, she plans to study nursing, and she is thinking about pursuing a medical degree to become an oncologist.

Because her mother is a nurse, Abigail said that has influenced her to pursue a similar career helping others.

“I find myself following in her footsteps. I think that’s mainly because I’ve always wanted to be involved in things and help in any way I can,” she said.

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