Frenship HS brothers to travel as foreign exchange students

Two brothers from Frenship High School are both embarking on journeys to other countries this month as foreign exchange students.

Senior Landon Carter will be leaving in a week to live with a family in Costa Rica.

“I’ll miss about the first two weeks of school,” Landon said.

Landon said he was allowed to choose from Costa Rica, Finland or Argentina. In Costa Rica, he will be living with a family that includes two young adult host brothers and their spouses.

“I’m excited to see some new cultures,” Landon said. “I think it’s pretty cool. I’ll be living with adults.”

He said he’s looking forward to experiencing a new kind of life and a new diet, probably with less meat in it.

After finishing high school, Landon aims to study business and perhaps go into international business.

Landon probably won’t get any credit for classes he takes in Costa Rica, which has summer school, but he will get what he called “life credit.”

His brother, Ellis Carter, will be leaving for a more extended foreign exchange experience. He will spend almost a year in Viviez, a town of about 1,300 in France.

“It’s a small town,” Ellis said, noting that in communication with the family so far, he has found out they recycle and grow their own food, don’t have a television and carpool to get around.

Ellis, a high school junior, said he is looking forward to seeing how people in a small town in France live, as well as meeting his host family, with whom he will live for a year.

“I think that understanding how other people live their lives and how similar and different they are to ours really gives you a more objective view of humanity,” Ellis said. “I’m looking at this as sort of a personal challenge and an experience for learning.”

Both brothers have taken classes in the languages associated with their destinations, with Landon studying Spanish and Ellis studying French. In addition to classwork, they have been working with tutors and Rosetta Stone on their computers.

Since Ellis will leave later in July and be gone for about a year, the brothers don’t have much time left together. When Ellis returns, Landon will be preparing to leave for college.

Their parents are happy for them, but already thinking about a possible visit to France in the spring, and a trip to Costa Rica as a family in a few years.

“I’m so jealous of the things that they’re going to see,” mother Becky Rickly said. “In the spring, I’ll be thinking, ‘I need a trip to France.’ ”

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