Frenship High senior trains with famed Radio City Rockettes

A Frenship High School senior recently spent a week training with the Radio City Rockettes.

For six days, Faith Gregg trained from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. with the professionals.

Faith had auditioned by sending in a video of her dancing tap, jazz and high kicks, and she also enclosed a segment of her dancing in the “Nutcracker” performance by Ballet Lubbock last year.

About 80 dancers were in the camp she attended, but Faith said there were three different summer sessions.

“Most of the dancers there were tappers. Most of them were a lot older than I was,” said Faith.

Her background in tap and jazz began as a 3-year-old. When she was 10, she began taking ballet at Ballet Lubbock.

“I’ve been doing ballet ever since then,” she said.

While she would like to have a career as a dancer, Faith said she may not continue in ballet.

“That’s why I went to the summer intensive, to expand my knowledge,” she said. “I’ve always been told that ballet is like the backbone of all types of dance, kind of like Latin is to languages.

“It makes all other dances easier to do.”

Now that she has the dance technique down, she wants to learn other forms of dance as well, she said.

But she stressed she has really loved her time at Ballet Lubbock, where she continues to take lessons and even to teach 4- and 5-year-olds.

Faith also takes modern dance and hip hop classes at Ballet Lubbock.

“I’ve been here ever since (age 10) because the people here are so awesome. They’re like my second family,” said Faith.

About a year ago, Faith decided she wants to go to Southern Methodist University to double major in dance and education. Ultimately, she would like to obtain a master’s degree in education so she can teach at the college level.

“I always knew that I wanted to do something in the performing arts,” said Faith. “I know now that I wouldn’t really be happy doing anything but dance.”

After a week in New York City with the Rockettes, Faith said she learned a lot.

“I really did like it, and they’re gorgeous, and it was a lot of fun. But I don’t think it is something that I really want to do,” she said. The Rockettes perform mostly during the Christmas season, she said, and she wants to be working more than three weeks out of the year.

“I’m not really sure that is the style I like the best yet,” she said.

Some of the things she liked about the dance style is the precise movements.

“All of their movements are particular and sharp. That’s why they’re famous for being so in unison,” she said. “But you don’t get to really add your own personality to it.”

As for New York City, Faith said she enjoys it and the opportunities available there, but she’s not sure she would want to settle down there either.

Faith walked each day from a hotel she shared with her mother and younger brother to Radio City Music Hall. At the close of a full day of dancing in high-heeled tap shoes, her mother, Lisa Gregg, said she would have a trash can full of ice waiting for her to put her feet in.

Lisa Gregg said she is very proud of her daughter for being selected. As a mother, she said it has been easy to see where her daughter’s ambitions lie because Faith has been very happy to trade a more active social life for the discipline required to be at Ballet Lubbock by 4 p.m. each day, staying until after 8 p.m.

“She was just kind of drawn to dance. She loved it from the very first day she was there,” said Lisa Gregg.

Faith is also active at FHS as a member of the pom squad and National Honor Society.

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