Frenship High School seniors awarded scholarships from foundation

Eighteen seniors at Frenship High School have been awarded scholarships for good character from the Frenship Foundation for Leadership.

The Foundation for Leadership was first formed in fall of 2002, when two Frenship Independent School District employees were notified they would be called to active duty in Iraq. Additional employees facing hardships due to illness compelled Frenship educators to create the Frenship Employee Emergency Relief Fund, which is funded by a $3 monthly donation from each contributing employee’s paycheck.

The organization was expanded in spring of 2004, when the Foundation Board of Directors was formed and a scholarship was created to reward students for consistent displays of integrity and character.

Cindy Stephens, the executive director of the Frenship Foundation for Leadership, said the foundation has awarded more than $300,000 since 2003, helping more than 100 students.

Here are students’ responses to a questionaire about their future plans and their thoughts on character.


What are your plans for after high school?

Hannah Bunting: After high school, I will be going to school full-time at Texas A&M University and majoring in Biomedical Engineering and Pre-Med.

Megan Phillips: After high school, I intend to visit France, Italy and Greece as a student ambassador with People to People during the summer. In the fall, I plan to attend Texas Tech University and be a part of the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources. I will continue to work as a veterinary technician at Key Animal Clinic throughout my time at Texas Tech. After earning my undergraduate degree in animal science, I hope to attend Veterinary School at Texas A&M University and someday open a small animal practice of my own.

Emileigh Willems: I will be attending Wayland Baptist University in Plainview, Texas.

Elizabeth Reyna: After high school, I will attend Texas Tech University where I will be studying for music education and vocal performance. I will be working full-time during the summer and then part-time when school begins.

Courtney Smyth: After high school, I plan to attend Texas Tech University in the fall of 2012.

David Denton: I am going to Lubbock Christian University and will probably work part-time to pay for college.

Sean Cartwright: I plan on attending Vanderbilt University this fall. I’ll most likely work a campus job.

Drew Macha: Texas Tech.

Catherine Vu: I will be going directly to the University of Texas in Austin to be full-time student.

Tiffany Benson: I am going to West Texas A&M University in the fall of 2012.

James Craycraft: After high school I plan on going to Texas Tech. As I attend college, I do plan on working part-time.

Ashley Watkins: My plans after high school are to go straight into college. I will be attending Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. I will be working part-time at the university to help pay for student fees.

Taylor Stockton: I plan on working as much as possible to be able to support myself at Texas Tech University.

Tara Lloyd: I plan on going to Oklahoma State University, in the fall of 2012.

Jordan Robinett: I plan to attend Abilene Christian University in the fall of 2012

Meredith Stair: I plan to attend Texas A&M University in the fall of 2012.

Rebecca Gifford: I will be leaving in June to attend Brigham Young University. I plan to work part-time at various places such as the BYU bookstore and the MTC.

Maddie Kinard: I will be attending Texas Tech University in the fall where I intend on majoring in biochemistry with a minor in Spanish. I hope to continue working at my current job with West Texas Pediatrics.


What kind of degree do you ultimately hope to get?

Hannah Bunting: After getting a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering, I hope to go to medical school and study Neurology.

Megan Phillips: Ultimately, as previously stated, I hope to earn a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Texas A&M University.

Emileigh Willems: I will be pursuing a degree in Mathematics, and will probably go on to receive a Master’s degree of some kind.

Elizabeth Reyna: I will earn a bachelor’s in music for music education and vocal performance. I will work my way up to get a doctorate in choral conducting.

Courtney Smyth: I hope to major in nutritional sciences and dietetics.

David Denton: I hope to major in theater education.

Sean Cartwright: I’m going to earn a bachelor’s degree in engineering, but a master’s isn’t out of the question.

Drew Macha: Chemical engineering.

Catherine Vu: I hope to work toward a master’s in international relations and global studies with a minor in East Asian studies.

Tiffany Benson: I hope to major in elementary education, minoring in special education.

James Craycraft: I am going to major in finances.

Ashley Watkins: I plan to get a bachelor of science in biochemistry, as well as a M.D. degree.

Taylor Stockton: I hope to end with at least a master’s degree in either chemical engineering or electrical engineering.

Tara Lloyd: I hope to dual major in exercise sciences and nutritional sciences.

Jordan Robinett: I hope to major in youth and family ministries.

Meredith Stair: I ultimately hope to get a degree in food sciences.

Rebecca Gifford: I am hoping to get my master’s in accountancy (MAcc) which is offered in a five year program at BYU. With that I plan to take the exam to become a CPA.


What kind of job are you ultimately hoping to get?

Hannah Bunting: I want to be a Neurologist and specialize in prosthetic technology.

Megan Phillips: I someday hope to open my own small animal clinic and possibly work with some equine patients as a self-employed veterinarian.

Emileigh Willems: I have not decided what career I will pursue after I have finished my education.

Elizabeth Reyna: The job I’m hoping to get is a professor of music position at a university.

Courtney Smyth: Upon completion of my degree, I plan to pursue a career as a diabetic educator.

David Denton: I hope to one day make it to the big time in acting, but I am just going to see where life takes me.

Sean Cartwright: At this point, I’m hoping to work in a research and development department at a major company.

Drew Macha: Oil ‘n’ Gas.

Catherine Vu: I am striving to become an ambassador for South Korea for the United States.

Tiffany Benson: The job I am hoping to get is working with children with special disabilities.

James Craycraft: I ultimately hope to be a youth pastor.

Ashley Watkins: I am currently planning to became a trauma surgeon in the pediatric department.

Taylor Stockton: A career in the engineering field.

Tara Lloyd: I would like to become registered dietitian in pediatrics.

Jordan Robinett: After college, I plan to be a youth minister.

Rebecca Gifford: I want to be a mom first and foremost but I will hopefully someday be an accountant… or maybe I will be the next J.K. Rowling… who knows?

Maddie Kinard: My ultimate goal is to become a surgeon, however I am unsure as to an exact surgeon specialty.


What does the word “character” mean to you?

Hannah Bunting: To me, character means doing what is right instead of what is easy.

Megan Phillips: Character means doing the right thing without expecting to be rewarded. It is about being a servant leader.

Emileigh Willems: Character means staying true to your values and morals no matter what everyone else is doing.

Elizabeth Reyna: Character means to me to stay true to myself and others and setting an example for others to follow.

Courtney Smyth: To me, character is how you act when no one is watching. It defines who you are.

David Denton: Character is being true to yourself when no one else affects your decision.

Sean Cartwright: Character is the decision to take the high road, to do what is best for all despite the opposition.

Drew Macha: Having the strength to stand for personal beliefs.

Catherine Vu: ‘Character’ means striving to become defined and refined as an individual, to stand out for one’s beliefs and morals.

Tiffany Benson: The word character means to me being nice and respectful to everyone around me even when I am not respected.

James Craycraft: To me, character is doing what’s right even when no one is watching.

Ashley Watkins: Character means, to me, doing the right thing all the time, no matter who is watching. Character also means to treat everyone fairly and to be honest.

Taylor Stockton: Being able to do what is right, even when it is not the easy thing to do.

Tara Lloyd: The word Character means someone you can look up to as a leader, someone who follows six pillars and always doing what is right even if it’s not the ‘popular’ choice.

Jordan Robinett: To me, character means upholding yourself to a higher standard, and always doing the right thing.

Meredith Stair: The word character means standing up for what you believe and also doing the right thing when no one is looking. It is upholding your true beliefs.

Rebecca Gifford: Character is who you are when no one is watching. It defines who you are, what you will do, and who you will become.

Maddie Kinard: In my opinion, character is who we really are on the inside. Character has nothing to do with a reputation, but more so with who we truly are as people. Character is not an act we put on for people, it is something we possess whether we are with others or by ourselves.


How much have the Character Counts pillars which Frenship teaches impacted you?

Hannah Bunting: They have taught me to put my own values first and not to let the actions of others decide my own actions.

Megan Phillips: The Character Counts pillars have repeatedly reminded me from a young age to strive for good character and to be the best person I can be.

Emileigh Willems: The Character Counts pillars have affected me a great deal. The fact that Frenship starts this policy early allows for the message to impact Frenship students.

Elizabeth Reyna: They have stayed with me throughout my years at Frenship and have helped earn me a great deal of respect and for others.

Courtney Smyth: The Character Counts Pillars have greatly impacted me at Frenship. They have led me to succeed and have shaped me into the person I am today.

Sean Cartwright: I entered Frenship sophomore year. I never learned them.

Drew Macha: A great deal – those ideals are a fine foundation for bein’ a good ol’ bear.

Catherine Vu: The pillars set an outline to who I have become.

Tiffany Benson: The Character Counts pillars have made a huge impact on me because it has helped me become the person I am today.

James Craycraft: They have really impacted me.

Ashley Watkins: The Character Counts pillars have impacted me because they have changed the way I view everything as well as how I act, as well as what I value.

Taylor Stockton: They have made me the person I am today.

Tara Lloyd: The pillars that have been taught here at Frenship have impacted me by helping me become a leader and to truly find out who I am. Through these character pillars I have succeeded in my dreams and to be the young lady my parents raised.

Jordan Robinett: The Character Counts pillars have impacted the way I have treated others, and the way I carry myself.

Meredith Stair: It has impacted me by preparing me to be successful in my future career goals with character and integrity.

Rebecca Gifford: I didn’t get here till eighth grade so I never really learned about the pillars but they really exemplify many parts of my moral basis. I really hope my brothers and sisters will learn to live them and learn from them too.

Maddie Kinard: The Character Counts pillars have impacted me in ways that I will carry forever. They have all shaped me into being an honorable person who believes in integrity, as well as helping to mold my values and morals. The pillars have laid out a strong foundation for me to continue to build off of throughout my life.


Which Character Counts pillar do you value the most, and why?

Hannah Bunting: I value trustworthiness the most. Trust is not easily earned and I want others to feel that I am someone they can trust.

Megan Phillips: I value respect, because only through respecting others and respecting yourself can you truly strive for the other pillars.

Emileigh Willems: Trustworthiness is most important to me because being trustworthy helps develop relationship s that benefit society in the future.

Elizabeth Reyna: All of the Pillars are important to me because they have made me who I am today. Citizenship is the biggest one because it is who I am setting an example for and hoping for them to follow.

Courtney Smyth: The Character Counts Pillar that means the most to me is caring. Caring is what lifts us up and keeps this world positive.

Sean Cartwright: Responsibility.

Drew Macha: Responsibility – fine things can happen when everyone does their part.

Catherine Vu: Fairness.

Tiffany Benson: I value the trustworthiness pillar the most because I can tell people to trust me and know that they can put their trust in me.

James Craycraft: I value respect the most.

Ashley Watkins: The Character Counts pillar that I value the most is respect. Respect has always been a huge factor in my life and I feel that if I treat everyone with respect they won’t have a reason to dislike me.

Taylor Stockton: Trustworthiness is the most important pillar to me because if you cannot keep your word and trust someone, there is no reason to have someone around.

Tara Lloyd: I value trustworthiness because without it, people would not be able to rely on me for leadership or a friendship. Trust is the foundation to anything in life; without it the foundation is weak.

Jordan Robinett: I value respect the most because having respect for others and yourself is the basis of every relationship you have in life.

Meredith Stair: I believe trustworthiness is the most important pillar because people will turn to you knowing they can put their faith and trust in you.

Rebecca Gifford: I think it’s a cross between responsibility, respect, and caring. I really feel like you can’t be successful without responsibility and even if it is fun to live without it for a while that lack will always come back to bite you. I try really hard to respect my peers, parents, and teachers. As a teenager, I am not perfect at it yet but I get better everyday and I know that by giving respect you can get respect. Finally, caring is huge to me. I never want to be known as cold or unfeeling because I always want to be there for others and do my best listen and love the best I can.

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