Frenship High School Homecoming queen plays basketball

Lizzette Palmer isn’t the average Homecoming queen. She plays basketball, runs track and is a member of National Honor Society.

Palmer, the starting point guard of Frenship High School’s girls basketball team, also runs sprints and hurdles and takes part in the triple jump in track season.

At school, her favorite courses this year are media and government. She has already completed three dual-credit courses for which she gets both high school and college credit, and is on task to complete four more by the end of this year.

Although she will already have more than a semester’s worth of credits under her belt by graduation, Palmer has not yet decided on which college to attend.

“I’m trying to play basketball in college, so I’m looking for anywhere I can go on scholarship. But I’m interested in West Texas A&M and Lubbock Christian University here in town,” said Palmer.

Ultimately, Palmer said, she would like to coach girls basketball. She is also interested in massage therapy.

“My mom’s doing it right now and I like the whole idea of the relaxation involved,” she said.

Her life as a student athlete can get somewhat hectic, Palmer said, and she was stressed out last week.

“But I enjoy it, and I know that it’ll pay off in the long run,” she said.

When she was named the Homecoming queen last month, Palmer said she was very excited.

“I never thought it would actually happen, and when it did, I was honored,” she said.

Her favorite part of attending Frenship High School is the teachers and students at the school, she said.

“I love the people. Going to school there, you feel more welcome there,” said Palmer, noting that students transferring into the school have told her they like it better than other schools.

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