Frenship High School football player receives Acts of Kindness award

Cade Davis has a full schedule this semester as a wide receiver and corner on Frenship High School’s football team.

But before football practice, Cade works as an aide in the Life Skills classrooms.

It’s his familiarity with the students in the Life Skills area that probably led to him helping a student out and being named as the October winner of the Parent Teacher Student Association’s Acts of Kindness Program.

Kevin Van Gheem, a biology teacher at FHS, nominated Cade for the award. His letter of nomination states that he witnessed Cade assisting a Life Skills student who was lost and headed out of FHS.

“Cade went out of his way to get the student’s attention and then helped guide the student towards the cafeteria in a joking, yet helpful manner. It was an act that I am sure a lot of students would not have taken,” Van Gheem’s letter states. “I really wanted to thank him for being an upstanding individual and taking the initiative to help someone else out.”

Cade said he asked to be a Life Skills aide this year after watching an older buddy do it last year. His duties include going with a student to mainstream agriculture classes, as well as helping to tutor all of the students in the class with math, reading and doing simple chores like the dishes.

“Every time I’m around them, they make me the happiest person in the world,” Cade said.

While wearing his Frenship Tigers football jersey last Friday, Cade said his favorite sport is baseball. This spring, he’ll be playing center field and pitcher for the last time at FHS, but he hopes to play college baseball in the future.

If he doesn’t go on to play professional baseball, Cade said he is interested in becoming a physical therapist.

Miriam Bartley, a special education teacher who oversees Cade’s work, said there are 16 student aides in the Life Skills classes.

“They’re all awesome and they’re all good,” she said.

She said Cade is special because he makes a point to greet all of the students, even in the hallways.

“He brightens this one student’s day, because he’s a football player,” she said.

The Life Skills students get a lot out of interacting with students like Cade, Bartley said, but she said she believes the mainstream students get a lot out of working with them, too, including compassion and gratitude.

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