Frenship has many impressive Christmas lights

One of the perks I can claim with this job is the ability to load up my five-year-old in the car and put 50 miles on my car looking for holiday decorations each year.

This year, my husband accompanied us, and we spent about three hours creeping down many Frenship roads, looking for houses that had produced a “WOW!” from the backseat. When I hear a “WOW!”, I write down the address with a few notes and come on back later with a camera.

My kid is a bit spoiled by this process; she really loves the houses that have computerized light displays set to music that is broadcast over FM short-range stations.

We did go by some of those this year, including a large house in Llano Estates in the 8300 block of C.R. 6940 and an entire neighborhood in the 7500 block of 84th Street. (By the way, the Llano Estates home has interesting neighbors next door who put up a lighted sign stating “Ditto.”)

I really do enjoy the neighborhood that works together to create a computer display. Any of those houses would be nicely decorated individually, but together, their display is exciting.

Just down the road from the house I featured this year, several neighbors seem to be working together on the north side of the 6100 block of 77th Street. They may not have computerized flashy-blings, but the effect is still very nice. Also in the 6200 block of 77th Street, there is a nice carousel decoration in the front yard.

Other houses we enjoyed include one in the 6400 block of 92nd Street with several inflatable decorations and several homes in the Preston Estates subdivision in Wolfforth.

Also, we love the display I featured last year in the 7400 block of 19th Street.

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