Frenship graduate works on high rises for window cleaning company

Frenship graduate Mark Youngblood washes windows at University Medical Center. (Photo by Luke Backus)

Former Frenship High School baseball player Mark Youngblood’s job has taken him higher than many of his former classmates.

Youngblood is the high-rise manager for a window cleaning company in Lubbock. This means the 1993 grad spends his work days suspended from a chair that is anchored to the roof of any given high rise in the Lubbock area.

After initial jobs in daycare, including one in which he was a part-owner, Youngblood was looking around for a full-time position and started as a window washer. He got bored with that fairly quickly, and his boss offered him a chance to do the high rises.

“I hung a couple of days with high rise, and I like it,” said Youngblood. “You’re up there by yourself, and you don’t have to worry about much. Strangely enough, it’s moderately relaxing.”

Immediately following high school, Youngblood played college baseball at Frank Phillips College in Borger for two years, and then played recreationally until two years ago with friends. The group dallied in flag football for a bit, but now they are moving into coaching little league.

“We’re starting all over from the beginning,” Youngblood said of his coaching efforts with friends.

Youngblood has two children, Ripley, 6, and Charleigh, 4, from a previous marriage and plans to get married to Sara Wilson, who has a six-year-old daughter, Aubree, in early September.

Few of his classmates would be surprised at what he’s up to these days, Youngblood said.

“I still hang out with a lot of them,” he said.

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