Frenship graduate to head Frenship Foundation for Leadership

A familiar Frenship face is the new executive director of the Frenship Foundation for Leadership.

Cindy Stephens, a Frenship graduate, former teacher and former president of the Wolfforth Area Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture, is now the executive director of the foundation.

Cory Dulin, president of the foundation’s board, said Stephens will head up fundraising, organize events, organize committees and help start up some new programs for the foundation, such as the new alumni association.

“She’s going to just kind of be the face of the foundation,” Dulin said.

With Stephens’ success as a teacher, a community leader and with her own businesses, Dulin said the foundation board feels she’ll be the perfect person to help take the foundation into a new era and start fundraising. He described Stephens as driven and a self-starter.

Stephens said she is excited about the opportunity to lead the foundation, but she said its chief goal is still to raise money for student scholarships and teacher grants.

She is also excited about the teacher grant program. As a former teacher, she said most teachers are limited to about $200 per year to spend on items for the classroom, including everything from paper clips to teaching projects.

“That money is gone before you know it,” she said. “If a teacher has a neat idea or initiative they want to see happen in their classroom, we need to have the money to do that.”

Stephens said she hopes it will bring a little extra joy to teachers in the classrooms.

“To be able to offer some teachers the ability to bring some fresh life into the classroom, I’m real excited about the teacher grant program,” she said.

The Frenship alumni association is also exciting for Stephens.

“I’m excited about having a base for the ex-students to call home,” she said, “I also hope to tap into that alumni association to help us fund some of these new projects and help them give back to the school district that gave them a good education and gave them a place to call home.”

When the Frenship Foundation for Leadership was given $100,000 by George and Linda McMahan, they talked about several possible uses for the funds.

George McMahan, a Lubbock developer who had been on the Frenship Foundation for Leadership board in the past, said he thought the money could be used in part to hire a director.

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