Frenship graduate makes wishes come true

Margaret BufordBy Jim Jarrett

Margaret Buford helps make children’s dreams come true.

When the Make-A-Wish Foundation grants wishes to disabled and terminally-ill children, Buford helps put together some of the annual events to help fund the dreams.

“I figure out how to pay for the wishes.” said Buford, the Resource Development Manager for the Make-A-Wish Foundation of the Texas Plains in Lubbock.

The Frenship High School graduate has been with the foundation for about 18 months.

“These children are so remarkably strong. A majority of what they do, they do for their families,” said Buford.

She said some of the children who have wished for a Disney vacation did it, not for themselves, but for their siblings.

“They know that everything (where they live) is based on how they are feeling and their siblings miss out on a lot of things,” she said. “That’s when a lot of the Disney wishes come into play. They want to give something back to their family.”

Buford remembered one teen’s wish was to graduate with his high school class, but the 17-year-old needed a laptop computer. He visited Lubbock twice a month for medical treatments. The laptop was the only way for him to keep up with his school work so he could graduate with his class. The foundation helped get the teen the laptop.

Margaret (Thomson) Buford
• High school: Graduated from Frenship, 1989.
• Family: Sons, Joel and Miles.
• Occupation: Resource Development Manager, Make-A-Wish Foundation of the Texas Plains — Lubbock.

“It’s those little moments that put everything in perspective for me,” said Buford.

She wasn’t initially interested in working for Make-A-Wish after a friend dropped her a note and urged her to apply. “I wasn’t even looking for a job,” she said.

She put the note in her purse.

The next morning, when Buford took her children to school, she dropped her purse.

Only one item spilled out — the piece of paper with the phone number scribbled on it.

“I felt like God was saying ‘OK, call the number,’” said Buford.

She met with Jeline Workman, the foundation’s executive director, in an informal interview.

“We just clicked,” said Buford.

Buford enjoys working with the foundation.

“It’s more of a blessing every day to be with (the wish kids) and see their wishes granted,” she said. “Especially if it’s what they want more than anything.”

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