Frenship graduate finds her best friend and husband

Barbara Tudor-Cason met the right man, her future husband Tim, after both took detours in their relationship.

Barbara, who graduated from Frenship High School in 1997, met Tim through some mutual friends in 2002.

“I had come out of a long relationship. He had come out of a long relationship. We were just hanging out one night and have been together ever since,” she said.

They married in late April 2003. Barbara and Tim have one child, Preston, 3.

Cason, who works at a graphics business, plans to go back to school in the future, but as long as Tim is by her side, she is happy.

“I would say Tim is my best friend,” she said. “He’s definitely one of my closest friends.”

They began after an incident at a club. One night, Tim tried to give a girl the brush off, but it wasn’t working. Barbara helped.

“Do you trust me?” asked Barbara. Tim nodded his head, signaling yes.

She walked up a little later, gave Tim a small kiss and walked away.

The kiss must have worked.

Tim called her the next day and asked Barbara to come over. They hung out, watched wrestling and ate barbecue. “It was the best day of my life,” she said.

Barbara and Tim dated a few months, but hadn’t fallen in love yet. A song , “Go Rest High on That Mountain,” changed things.

As they listened to the song in his apartment, Barbara and Tim became silent.

Barbara learned the song played at Tim’s father’s funeral. It also played at her grandfather’s funeral. Barbara said she began to fall for Tim after the song played. “I think we both realized we loved each other and were supposed to be together.”

They soon began to trust each other enough that they opened a joint bank account. Tim asked Barbara’s parents for a loan to get a place.

Barbara asked Tim why. They were saving money together for that eventuality, she said.

Tim confessed.  He withdrew some of the funds for a down payment on an engagement ring.

After going to the jeweler, Barbara tried on the ring and asked Tim if he was going to propose. “Why?” he said. “You’ve already got the ring. You might as well wear it.”

They have been together almost five years. The couple plans to have another child.

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