Frenship Foundation for Leadership president has strong local ties

The president of the Frenship Foundation for Leadership has children in Frenship schools and has even worked to engineer some of Frenship’s newer schools.

Cory Dulin came to Texas Tech in 1995, after graduating from Andrews High School. Four years later, he had an engineering degree, and he decided to stay in the Lubbock area.

“I never left,” Dulin said.

Instead, he formed AMD Engineering in 2006 with two other engineers.

“We’ve grown from three guys in a garage in Wolfforth to a staff of about 17,” Dulin said. The engineering firm now has offices in Lubbock and Childress. In Frenship, they contributed to the construction efforts at Oak Ridge Elementary School and Heritage Middle School.

They will celebrate six years as a company tomorrow, but he said there won’t be any dinners or cards.

“We’ll probably give each other a high five,” Dulin said.

One of the firm’s first clients was developer George McMahan. It was through McMahan that Dulin first became involved in Frenship. When McMahan left the Foundation for Leadership board, he nominated Dulin to it.

Dulin said the Foundation for Leadership first interested him because it was a scholarship program like no other he had heard of before.

“It’s not based on income level. It’s not based on athletic ability. It’s not based on who’s the smartest,”
Dulin said.

Instead, the scholarships are based on leadership skills and character. Recipients are students you would like to hire, he said, or the type of people you would want to surround yourself.

“I’ve never seen a scholarship that awards based on that quality,” Dulin said.

Dulin said it is that sort of quality he hopes his own three young children with wife, Beth, will cultivate.

In addition to being on the Foundation for Leadership board, Dulin also serves on the boards of the South Plains Chapter of the Texas Society of Professional Engineers and the West Texas Home Builders Association. In his free time, he serves as a high school football referee and is on the South Plains Chapter of the Texas Association of Sports Officials.

He also jogs regularly and enjoys sports, hunting, fishing, backpacking and snow skiing.

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