Frenship football player honored for Act of Kindness

When Cole Fontenot walked to chemistry and interacted with a student, he didn’t expect to win any awards for it.

But his conversation with a student with special needs led to him receiving the Frenship High School Parent Teacher Student Association’s Acts of Kindness award for the month of February.

Cole, a sophomore at FHS, had his headphones on and didn’t expect anyone to start a conversation, but when one of the special education students started talking to him, he pulled them off and walked down the hall with him.

“I was simply just walking down the hall and carrying on a conversation with him,” Cole said. “He’s a great kid. I’ve seen him a couple of other times.”

The conversation wasn’t anything incredibly important; Cole said the two simply talked about normal teen stuff, including girls and video games.

But to Joni Burks, Cole’s chemistry teacher, observing the two students walking together was one of the moments that made her love her job.

“Rather than try to politely remove himself from the situation, Cole began talking and joking with the young man. As I continued to watch, he had the young man laughing and walked the special needs student past my room all the way down the hall to his classroom. Cole then turned around and came back to my room,” Burks said in her nomination of Cole for the PTSA award.

Cole, a football player and member of DECA, said the award means a lot, noting that he didn’t know there even was such an award.

But he said although there may be a need to encourage people to be kind, there are nice people at FHS and they should be kind without expecting an award.

“Work on it, at least,” he said.

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