Frenship Crestview fifth-grader collects $14,055 for diabetes research

A fifth-grader at Crestview Elementary School and her friends raised $14,055 for diabetes research at the recent Diabetes Walk in Lubbock.

Caisey Gailey, 10, was diagnosed with diabetes when she was 7 years old. For a year, she took shots of insulin, but now Caisey wears an insulin pump and has to monitor her glucose levels with finger pricks throughout her day.

“I want to help to find a cure in my lifetime,” she said of her reason for working with Crestview faculty and students to raise money.

Crestview staff allowed her to choose three days where students would donate $1 to participate in crazy dress styles. Caisey chose to hold a slipper day, crazy hair day and a day to wear as many colors as possible in order to get participation.

“They have to bring a dollar to do it. And at Crestview, all of our money together was $647,” Caisey said.

Eighty-five people came to the Diabetes Walk in Lubbock as well, including some of her classmates and friends, several Crestview staff and her relatives.

Her mother, Ellesa Gailey, said each of the walkers was given a pink T-shirt to wear during the walk. The T-shirt stated Caisey’s personal motto: “You can prick me, you can poke me, but diabetes will never own me.”

Caisey said she had to practice walking at a park near her home in order to get in shape for the three-mile walk. This is her fourth year to participate in the Diabetes Walk.

“It seemed longer last time,” Caisey said of the trek, so perhaps the workouts in the park paid off.

“It’s very hilly It’s not just straight three miles,” Ellesa Gailey said of the walk. “We weren’t going super-fast. We like to visit and talk to people. But it takes about an hour to get through it.”

Crestview counselor Nicki Morrison said Caisey’s team of family and friends raised the most money of any family group at the Diabetes Walk.

“We raised a lot of money,” Caisey said, adding that the total was $14,055.

The fact that 85 people came out is not lost on Caisey. Her mother said she’s not sure Caisey can appreciate how much money $14,055 is, but she said it meant a lot to her daughter to see so many people in pink t-shirts out to support her.

“It was amazing. That’s her favorite part,” Ellesa Gailey said. “She appreciated it so much.”

“It means that I got to have fun while everybody was supporting me and raising money,” Caisey said.

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