Frenship board chooses RAMAR for sports broadcasts

Four proposals for radio broadcasting services were weighed by the Frenship Independent School District Board of Trustees Tuesday night at a board meeting.

Proposals were received from KJAK (92.7 FM), Town Square Media (1340 AM), Walker Communications (105.3 FM), and RAMAR Communications (104.3 FM).

Andy Penney, FISD director of public relations, recommended the district consider the proposal of RAMAR Communications.

Each of the four propposals were different, Penney said, but the RAMAR proposal stood out because RAMAR may also provide additional publicity for the district, including a monthly magazine television show about the district.

None of the four proposals fulfilled all of the district’s requests, Penney said, with non being willing to guarantee coverage of volleyball and softball.

Frenship will be the only high school that RAMAR will provide play-by-play coverage for, although Penney said Frenship will be in good company alongside Texas Tech, the Texas Rangers and the Dallas Cowboys, the other sports teams RAMAR Communications covers.

To keep Frenship athletics tied to its stations, RAMAR has agreed to broadcast Frenship teams on the station’s web site, or on its other radio stations if conflicts arise with Texas Tech games, Penney said. He joked with the board members that they might be more familiar with a RAMAR station that broadcasts hits from the 1980s and 1990s.

Penney said Thursday that no money is tied to the contract from either party.

The board voted unanimously to approve a contract for broadcast services with RAMAR Communication in 2011-12.

The board also voted unanimously to enter a new five-year contract with Durham Transportation instead of continuing with its current contract for one year.

Under the new contract, the district could save $83,484 annually. The district would be subject to a Consumer Price Index increase of approximately $30,000 if it chose to remain under the current contract, according to Tim Williams, FISD’s executive director of business operations.

The board also unanimously directed that a maintenance employee’s use of Frenship’s vehicles be limited after a personnel discussion in closed session. The employee will no longer be permitted to drive FISD vehicles.

The board appointed member Troy Vanderburg as its delegate to the Texas Association of School Boards delegate assembly, with member Kelley Grimes appointed as an alternate. Board Vice President David R. Miller abstained from this vote.

Board Secretary Scott Stockton and member Jerry McCabe were sworn in to new terms on the school board at the beginning of the meeting, and Board President Brad Draper, Miller and Stockton were re-elected to their leadership positions on the board.

The board also adopted a consent agenda unanimously, including the following items:

  • Minutes from April 18, April 27 and May 2;
  • A financial report;
  • Personnel recommendations;
  • Proposals for boys and girls basketball supplies;
  • Deletion of a board policy on probationary contracts;
  • Update of a board policy on reimbursement of leave after retirement;
  • Addition of a board policy on vacation and holidays for exempt and non-exempt employees;
  • Food services fund budget amendment to purchase $130,000 equipment from a fund balance of $422,000;
  • A resolution to re-designate a fund balance; and
  • An application for expedited and general state waivers for a business education certified instructor to teach a computer maintenance course.
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    • old-timer (Author) said:

      Seems to me for this story to be complete, it should be pointed out that Andy Penney is a former employee of Ramar Communications. And though Ramar’s package may seem more attractive, the fact is, the signals of KJAK and Walker Communications’ 105.3 could serve the target audience just as well. As long as the district is not reaping any financial benefits in the deal, it would be in its own public relations interest to pass the broadcast rights around to various stations.


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