Former Frenship student retires from Texas Instruments, comes back to community to farm

When Elton O’Neal started the first grade at Frenship Independent School District in 1946, the school was much smaller than it is today.

“I think there were maybe 30 kids in our graduating class at Frenship,” he said. “We didn’t think anything about it back in that day and time.”

O’Neal attended FISD until the 10th grade. His family moved to Olton, where he attended his last two years of high school.

O’Neal’s family had farmland at Olton and had kept the farm in Wolfforth where O’Neal grew up. After graduation, he got married and moved back to Wolfforth.

“My dad needed someone out at this place to keep him from driving back and forth,” he said.

O’Neal and his wife had four kids. When they divorced, he moved to California.

While in California, he worked for Hughes Aircraft during the time surveyors were being put on the moon.

“While it was taking place, we didn’t really pay that much attention to it,” said O’Neal. “It was just part of the job, but later on after everything was successful and it was more or less historic, it kind of sunk in that I had a part in that.”

He moved to Dallas two years later, where he worked for Texas Instruments in Dallas for 23 years before retiring.

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