Former Frenship athletes have a different sideline view these days

Two former Frenship graduates are still on the sidelines, but when they see action these days, it’s through a camera lens instead of on the turf.

Luann and Randy Curry, from the classes of 1973 and 1968, respectively, got married shortly after Luann graduated. Known then as Luann Kyle, she played basketball, volleyball and track in high school, while Randy was a quarterback on the football team.

“My dad was in the Air Force, and I wanted to go in the Air Force. My father really did not want me to, because at that time, there weren’t a lot of women in the Air Force. And so I didn’t,” said Luann. “I didn’t attend college. I married right out of high school. I became a mother and started taking pictures of my kids.”

Her first camera was a wedding present from her father, Luann said.

The couple works together on the sidelines at several Frenship sporting events. Luann said she asked Frenship Coach Bobby Davis to take pictures on the sidelines.

“That’s actually how I got started. I was taking pictures of my own children,” she said. “My hobby has really turned into a great, fun job. My dad always told me when I was younger to figure out what I wanted to do and then make a living doing it. And the Lord has just blessed us with this, he really has.”

Luann said the couple works as a team, and not just as photographers. They also farm cotton – Randy is a third generation farmer.

“We’re a team, 50-50. I help him in farming, and when I take pictures, he helps me,” she said.

With photography playing such a big role in their lives, Luann said the couple has several photo albums of not only their own children, but other Frenship athletes. For instance, she said she enjoyed photographing David Thomas, who was an athlete first at Frenship, then at the University of Texas. She said she photographed him in both high school and college and hopes to add his pro photos from the New England Patriots to an album.

Luann said there has been a lot of growth since she and Randy graduated from Frenship High School. Her graduating class had 86 or 88, she said, while his had 50.

“Even though we have seen that growth over the years, they still keep it a close-knit campus, where all the kids feel they are involved,” said Luann.

Randy and Luann are active members of First Baptist Church, where he teaches Sunday School and she works in the youth department.

“That’s one reason I really like being able to do high school sports, because you get to know the kids. We have great young people out there, and I enjoy being around them. They keep you young,” she said.

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