FISD student starts college instead of senior year

School Board Secretary Brad Draper hands Kinsey Draper, right, her diploma from Frenship High School during an August FISD school board meeting. Kinsey graduated a year early from Frenship High School. (Photo by Luke Backus)

Kinsey Draper should have been starting her senior year at Frenship High School this semester.

But she worked during the summer to complete course work required by FHS and received her diploma during a school board meeting in August, graduating just before her 17th birthday. Her father, school board member Brad Draper, handed her the diploma as she received a standing ovation.

Kinsey has already completed a semester’s worth of dual-credit college courses and started college at Texas Tech in August.

You received your diploma, without a lot of pomp and circumstance, at a school board meeting in August. Do you feel you are missing out on the cap and gown, senior prom, homecoming, or any other high school activities?
“Not really. If I wanted to go to prom, I could have a friend take me. But for the most part, the people that I want to keep in touch with, I will.”

Describe the dual-credit courses you took in high school – how many hours did you take, and in what subjects?
“I took a total of 15 hours. I had six for U.S. history, six for English and three for psychology.”

What is your major?
“I am double majoring in fashion design and business, with a minor in architecture.”

Why did you choose to major in fashion design and business?
“I’ve always loved to be the fashion queen. I think it expresses who you are. I’m getting the double major in business because I want to eventually open my own business or start my own line. And if fashion design doesn’t work out, I want to have some security in business.”

What classes do you usually enjoy most?
“I really like English, but this year at Tech, I think my favorite class would either be clothing construction or intro to fashion.”

Did you take home economics or sewing courses in high school, or did you learn at home?
“I actually didn’t. I drew a little bit of my own sketches. But I’ve had a lot of friends who went through the fashion design course at Tech and didn’t know how to sew, and they teach you from scratch.”

What do you like best about being a college freshman?
“I think just the whole overall experience, and it’s really different from high school because the teachers don’t really care if you show up or not because they already have your money. It’s really independent, and it’s your responsibility to learn. And I’ve been meeting a whole lot of people.”

What do you look forward to most in life?
“I think actually having a stable job and just working toward my goals.”

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