FISD raises money to help Lockney after fire

To some it is just a shaped covering for the head, but in Frenship, a hat is a way for students and school staff to raise money for Lockney High School.

Over the past few weeks since the Jan. 11 fire that destroyed Lockney High School and damaged Lockney Junior High, staff and students from throughout Frenship have been holding various fundraisers to help out.

In several Frenship schools, teachers have held out hats in two ways. For a donation to Lockney, students can wear a hat during the day, which is generally against the dress code.

Teachers and students have also passed hats at Frenship basketball games to collect donations.

At Crestview, students donated money to wear hats one day. This had a particular impact on fifth-grade teacher Kim Rendon, a 1975 graduate of LHS.

“I was so sad (when LHS burned). It’s kind of like the center of town. Lots of memories. It’s hard to think about that town without the school being part of it,” she said. “My family is still there.”

One of her sisters works at the school.

“I just told her, if you need anything, I work in a district that will help. They just will,” she said.
The response from many Frenship schools has yet to be counted in full, but Rendon said Crestview students raised $1,000 in just one day.

“I think it’s been excellent. Of course, it always surpasses what I think normal schools will do,” said Rendon. “I think the outpouring of help from our district has been true to their character.
“I’m so proud to be a Frenship Tiger.”

Sherri Kinard, the co-sponsor of National Junior Honor Society at Frenship Middle School, said NJHS is sponsoring a fundraiser for Lockney using hats and jeans. For a donation of $2 a day, teachers were able to wear jeans to school this week. Today, students will be allowed to wear a hat for a $1 donation.

Kinard said the money from the fundraiser will probably be used to purchase supplies. It will be put in an account at City Bank.

By tying the donations to a wearable item, Kinard said students will be able to visibly show their support for Lockney.

“They seem to be pretty excited about it,” she said. “It shows, too, that they’re supporting our cause.”

At Frenship High School, students are able to wear hats for donations, but some are also helping in a more physical way.

John Hoyle’s construction technology students will be building 10 shelves for Lockney teachers.
Hoyle said the shelves will be about three feet wide and four feet tall. Each will be stained before delivery to Lockney. He said that particular height is popular with Frenship teachers because they are low enough that pictures and decorative items can be placed on top, and small enough to be moved if necessary.

“We wanted them big enough that they could put several textbooks in there. Those smaller bookcases like that seem to be the most popular ones here,” said Hoyle.

Depending on the wood, Hoyle said it will probably take about three weeks to get all the bookcases built, stained and delivered.

His students usually do a community service project each year, Hoyle said. Last year they worked on projects for the Legacy Play Village, and their project won third place at a state Skills USA contest. He said the students will put together a presentation to enter the contest again this year.

“But our main reason for doing this is to help Lockney out,” he said.

When he heard about the fire at Lockney High School, “I was just thinking, they’re probably just dumbfounded.“

Hoyle said he spoke with Lockney Superintendent Phil Cotham about the bookshelves before starting the project this week.

“I visited with him, and he’s thrilled about us doing this for him,” said Hoyle.

As a resident of West Texas, Hoyle said he is happy to see all of the support for Lockney.

“It’s a good thing to know, that you’ve got someone here that is watching your back,” he said

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