First week of school from a mom’s viewpoint

It’s my first week of school as a parent.

Being on this side gives me way more to appreciate in schools. When you’re a kid, you don’t think much about all of the logistics involved in getting students into and out of school. I got my $1 for lunch each day and went on my happy way.

Now I have to worry about getting myself and the little one ready, bows in hair (hers, not mine), and Tuesday folders back in the princess backpack with all of the signed forms tucked neatly inside.

Lunch is also more complicated from a parental perspective. We paid a few months in advance on her lunch money at Meet the Teacher night, but when it didn’t show up in her account by Saturday morning, we made another payment online to be sure she could eat Monday morning.

We forgot to get her a water bottle, so we’ve purchased one on the way to school from a convenience store, worrying about breaking the rule against cold drinks in the classroom. So we’re still catching up on getting her all the things she needs.

I am very grateful to the schools for the amount of thought that goes into getting my darling into school, fed, and out. If they can just educate her as well, I’ll be a terribly happy mama.

There have been other surprises, though.

Last year, I had to make several calls, none of which were returned, to Aramark. I was working to get school menus for Frenship Today. I had been told to get them from the Frenship ISD website, but frequently at the beginning of each month, it would take a week or two to get the new menus up. So I tried calling to see if we could get them earlier.

At one point on one of those many calls, I was told Aramark officials would have to get corporate clearance to release the menus to me. They said someone would call me back. That never happened.

Imagine my surprise upon opening my child’s Tuesday folder and finding a glossy print of the school menus inside. Apparently such secrets can be entrusted to five-year-olds, but not to the newspaper.

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