First-graders learn the ins and outs of grocery shopping

First-graders from Crestview Elementary School got a lot out of a trip earlier this month to United Supermarket, where they went on a tour and then made their own purchases from a list.

First-grade teacher Saundra Wimberley said students start to gain an understanding of sorting, making lists, stocking and budgeting. They also learn about groceries, produce and dairy.

The students begin to understand that they will need to use math and computers when they grow up and get jobs.

Wimberley said first-graders have been walking from Crestview to the United at 82nd Street and Frankford Avenue since she started teaching there about 10 years ago. The United employees seem enthusiastic about welcoming classes and showing them around.

“They were completely enthusiastic about seeing them through,” Wimberley said.

Students went on a long tour of the store, including its freezers. This year, Wimberley said students were very impressed with seeing an octupus in the fish department.

At the end of the tour, Wimberley said the students were allowed to shop off a grocery list for two items from home. When they got in line to purchase their items, they were allowed to come behind the counter and ring up their purchases.

“They get to scan their own stuff,” Wimberley said, adding that students seem to really enjoy doing that, and then getting to hold their own bag and receipt. “You would not believe how proud they are of that receipt.”

Wimberley said students begin to realize how people get jobs, and that there are many types of jobs, even within a grocery store, where they also toured the bank and pharmacy areas.

“They (United) are gathering some future employees, I’m sure of it,” Wimberley said of the tours.

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