First Baptist establishes foundational principles

After a year at the First Baptist Church of Wolfforth, pastor Jason Thompson and his team are working to establish foundational principles at the church based on three pillars: Scripture, worship and kingdom.

“I think pretty much every church has some sort of vision, some sort of mission,” said Thompson. He said the church leadership has been focusing on questions such as what God is calling the church to do, as well as evaluating strengths and weaknesses.

Thompson gave a sermon on the first pillar, Scripture, last Sunday. He will preach on the pillar of worship Sunday, and the pillar of kingdom on Sept. 27.

“It was received very well. We changed how we do the worship service, just how we do music,” he said of the first of the three visional sermons. “We really thought through the worship service very methodically.”

The importance of scripture to the church drives everything it does, said Thompson, while worship should be a goal in everything the church and its members do.

“The kingdom is really about God’s rule over his people,” he said. “We believe that the church is a small microcosm of the kingdom.”

Thompson said that of the three pillars, the church members were most familiar with Scripture and worship, but less familiar with the concept of kingdom. But basically, he said, kingdom is creating a smaller version of what heaven will be like, worshipping and living in obedience to God.

As a young minister, Thompson said he sees other young ministers focusing on the younger congregants, but many of First Baptist Church’s congregation are older.

“We have no desire to move away from our older congregation,” he said. Instead, the church leaders would like to bring all age groups together in worship.

About 200 to 250 people attend the church each Sunday, Thompson said.


  • SpencerC (Author) said:

    Members should be wary. This pastor and his staff encourage their members to follow progressive evangelicals seeking to intermingle socialism and Christianity. Examples include Dr. Russell D. Moore and The Gospel Coalition. There are several links to liberal leaning political articles that really have more to do with social ideology than faith.


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