Engineer building good reputation in area

Why did the pipeline cross the road? Michael Adams has the answer.

Adams, an engineer for OJD Engineering, has become a source of information before something, such as a pipeline, is built.

He lives in Wolfforth and has served locally on the Wolfforth Zoning Board of Adjustment.

A civil engineering graduate from Texas A&M University, he served in the U.S. Coast Guard prior to heading to college.

How did you become involved in engineering?

“I always liked architecture, and then I realized I wasn’t an artist. I was more interested in how things were put together.”

Where do you think you excel?

“I’d say probably taking problems, breaking them down and making them simple. People can understand what you are doing.”

What is the major challenge for you in engineering?

“The major part of engineering, once you begin working, is the process. Real engineering is hands-on. The engineering approach is unique. There’s no textbook way of doing it.”

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