Early 1990s graduates reunite on the diamond

Keeping in touch with high school classmates seems to get harder as time passes.

Staying in contact with a handful of high school classmates can almost be looked at as an above-average accomplishment.

For 1992 Frenship High School graduate Pete Alvarado, keeping in touch with high school classmates has just gotten a lot easier.

This year, Alvarado organized a men’s softball team consisting of seven fellow 1992 graduates and a few more graduates of Frenship.

The team consists of Jeremy Gray, Alan Nelson, Shawn Casali, Candy Ortiz, Jim Barnes, Darren Heard, Pete Alvarado, Richard Martinez, Luis Gomez, Blas Alvarado, Carlos
Brasher and Mario Cisneros

Eight of the team members graduated from Frenship within the years of 1990-1993.

“All the guys on the team played high school football together,” said Alvarado. “I got to say that it is pretty neat. Not everyone can say that they have friends that they have known from junior high and are still playing (softball) with them at my age.”

The guys attempted to stay in contact after high school graduation.
Alvarado organized a softball team immediately after high school and it competed in the Lubbock men’s softball league for six years. 

“At the time we started to turn about 25 years old, the team slowly started to break up,” said Alvarado. “We had guys who started having families, and others that entered the military service. After some time I just thought that our softball careers were over.”

After an 11 year absence from softball and with extra time on his hands this year, he mentioned to his wife the idea of reuniting his old softball team.

“She was with me when we first played,” said Alvarado. “But she said we might be too old.”

Alvarado said a few days later he ran into former teammate Shawn Casali at Wal-Mart and mentioned the idea of playing again.

“He (Casali) was all for it,” said Alvarado. “It took some time, but we started getting in touch with all the old guys and they were all for playing too.”

The team reunited and took on its old name, the Indians.

The players have been practicing once a week in preparation for their first game this weekend.

Alvarado said despite the practice, the signs of age are evident.

“We are a little bit older,” said Alvarado. “Maybe we have lost a step or two or five, but we are out there trying and we are having some fun out there. The teams we are going against are in their early 20s and we are a lot older.”

Alvarado said staying in touch with his classmates is easier because of softball.

“Back then we didn’t have cell phones and we relied on softball to stay in contact,” said Alvarado. “Now since we have everyone’s phone numbers, we talk maybe two or three times a week.”

Alvarado said he looks forward to practice each week.

 “Every time we go to practice it is like a big reunion because we have a good time telling stories,” said Alvarado. “Our stories have become more exaggerated as time passes.”

Alvarado said softball has created a bond between his former classmates.

“I am fortunate to call these guys friends and co-players,” Alvarado said.


  • teamroper (Author) said:

    Thanks for coming out Zack….I know some of the guys got a kick out of it…So I guess your safe from harm for doing such a great job….lol…Thanks again and God Bless..Shawn Casali


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