Don’t eat the meatballs!

This morning, I got an interesting call with an automated message from Sam’s Club.

Apparently, a meatball and pasta meal I bought more than two weeks ago at the Lubbock Sam’s has been recalled. They’d like me to bring it on in and get another meal.

I’m guessing they tracked everything I purchased through my membership card.

But those meatballs were eaten weeks ago. My kidder and I enjoyed them muchly. We didn’t get sick.

Apparently the same sort of meatballs and other meat products from Buona Vita Inc. were sold at other places, such as Wal-Mart. The end result of consuming them could be Listeria monocytogenes. So if you’ve got any, you might want to check some of these links.

This right here is a link to a press release from the USDA about the bad meatballs.

If you have questions, you can contact Ask Karen to address food-related issues. No, I’m not that Karen. But I do think I should have a similar website!

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