Doerfert, Teague serve as ambassadors

Frenship Middle School’s Travis Teague, left, and Michael Doerfert will be visiting Europe this summer. (Photo by Jim Jarrett)By Jim Jarrett

Frenship Middle School’s Michael Doerfert and Travis Teague are spending their summers in Europe as ambassadors.

They are part of the People to People Student Ambassador program, which  allows grade school, junior high and high school students to visit other countries.

The program began in 1956 by President Dwight D. Eisenhower as a means to gain greater understanding of the world’s different cultures and to promote peace. Eisenhower believed people could do more to promote peace than governments.

They will be in Europe for about three weeks this summer.

“Even though it is my first time, I would like to stay a little bit longer,” said Doerfert.

He and Teague are in two different groups. Doerfert is heading with a Lubbock team and Teague with a Midland group.

Doerfert and Teague will travel to England, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

It isn’t Teague’s first trip. He visited Europe several years ago as part of the ambassador program.

Travis Teague
Age: 13.
Favorite food: Steak.
Favorite restaurant: Rosa’s Cafe.
Family: Parents, Deborah and Duane; sisters,  Michelle and Dani; brother, Keith.

Michael Doerfert
Age: 13.
Church attended: First Baptist Church of Wolfforth.
Family: Parents: Jill and David Doerfert.
Favorite restaurant: Not particular.
Interests: Science.

Teague said Doerfert should expect to see a little bit of history and also hot weather.

“When I was in Europe, they were experiencing a heat wave,” he said.

“… (Michael) is going to have a really good time. He should be looking forward to it.”

Teague expects to see different sites, including Normandy, where the allies launched the European invasion into France in 1944.

“I really like World War II (history),” said Teague. “I watched ‘Saving Private Ryan’ too many times. I have a great respect for our soldiers who died for our country.”

Doerfert said he wants to see Normandy and Stonehenge.

“I want to see what both look like,” he said. “I also want to see London.”

Each student is raising money for the trip through a variety of fundraisers.

Doerfert is about short of the $6,000 he needs to raise,  while Teague has raised all his funds.

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