Dedication to school lands Kluzek salutatorian title

A self-proclaimed perfectionist, Alisha Kluzek, said putting extra effort into her schoolwork is what helped her earn the ranking of Frenship High School’s salutatorian.

She learned she had the second-highest grade point average in her class during her sophomore year, and said she had to continue working hard to keep her spot.

“I knew I just had to keep doing what I was doing, but at first, you don’t really understand how important it is to have that title,” said Kluzek. “As you get older and you understand how important it is, the pressure really sets in.”

She said it took hard work, but she always understood the material and knew she’d do well if she tried her best. As a perfectionist, it bothers her to get answers wrong, which encouraged her high grades.

Besides Kluzek’s own motivation her parents played a large role in her success in school. She said her parents have always been encouraging and supportive.

Her family is her biggest inspiration in everything she does because of their unconditional love and guidance, she said.

“I always knew I didn’t have to get salutatorian to make them proud, and it’s different when you’re striving to make your family proud because you want to and not because you feel like you have to,” she said.

Kluzek has always been active at her church, Bacon Heights Baptist. She was also a member of the National Honor Society, student council, Business Professionals of America, and Advanced Media. She’s lived in Frenship her entire life and started out at Crestview Elementary School.

Her favorite part of high school was attending the football games. Since she was a member of Advanced Media she was on the sidelines filming the games and said that was fun because she could feel the effort and players’ intensity.

She’s going to miss her friends but plans on staying in the general area for most of her life, although she’d like to travel.
She’ll attend Texas Tech in the fall and earned two scholarships which pay for more than $30,000 worth of tuition.

Although Kluzek doesn’t know what she wants to major in, she does know she’s interested in history and political science and recently gained a fondness for health and nutrition. She said she is most anticipating the freedom of college life and the opportunity to be out on her own.

“I’m excited just to make my own schedule and not have to be at school at eight in the morning every day,” said Kluzek. “It’s also going to be good to be around new people because a little over 300 people seems like a lot, but it’s going to be good to have the opportunity to be around so many new people all the time.”

Besides looking forward to starting college in the fall, Kluzek is excited about traveling to Peru in July with her dual-credit Spanish class. It’s a 15-day trip with planned tours and the students also have the opportunity for free time to choose their own activities.

“I love Lubbock and America.” she said, “Texas is my favorite state because the people are just all so nice and especially in West Texas, but I still am glad to get the chance to travel and want to do more eventually.”

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