Crestview Elementary School assistant principal loves deep-sea fishing, working with students

One might not realize it from meeting the stylish and together assistant principal of Crestview Elementary School, but Stacy Davis’ favorite pastime outside of school is deep-sea fishing.
Davis said she and her husband, Clay, celebrated their honeymoon by going fishing more than 18 years ago, and it is now a family activity shared with sons Tyler, 17, and Tanner, 15.
“I love fishing. We go deep-sea fishing twice a year,” she said, adding that her family takes their boat to Port Aransas.
Davis said she loves relaying a fish tale about how she nearly hooked a shark when other people talk about catching a common catfish.
Her love for fishing is so great that her husband put in a pond in their yard and stocked it with catfish and carp so she could enjoy it year-round.
“Freshwater fish are not as much fun, especially when you know what you’re going to catch,” said Davis, but she said she enjoys playing catch-and-release with her family and friends at her home.
Born and raised in Lubbock, Davis is a graduate of Coronado High School. She taught in the Lubbock Independent School District at Bayless Elementary for nine years before moving to Frenship ISD to teach third grade. After finishing her master’s degree, she became the assistant principal at Crestview.
She said she wanted to become a teacher after watching a movie about Helen Keller as a child.
“Everybody said, ‘You’re going to change, you’ll try several different fields, you won’t stick with it.’ But I did,” she said.
Davis was recently named as current Crestview Principal Doug Smith’s replacement for the 2009-10 school year. Smith will be the principal of Oak Ridge Elementary School when it opens next year.
Davis said she was thrilled about her new position.
“It’s something I’ve been working for a long time,” she said. “To be a principal, you’re impacting the life of every student in the school, and the teachers’ (lives).”
Working with Smith as an assistant principal for three years has helped her to understand the administrator’s role, she said.
“If there is someone you can work under and learn what an administrator is about, it’s Doug,” she said. “He has let me be a part of what he does, day in and day out, which has really helped with teachers accepting me and students accepting me.”
Davis said with Smith’s help, teachers took her into the Crestview family.
Teachers don’t want their team to be split, Davis said of the transition of some students and staff to Oak Ridge. But having Smith at Oak Ridge and retaining her at Crestview is helping the staff and students, she said.
“To know that both of us are OK with it, I think it puts them at ease,” she said.

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