Couple leads worship at Celebration Christian Center

Chuck and Lee Campos are worship leaders at Celebration Christian Center. (Photo by Sara Ortega)

Chuck and Lee Campos married 25 days after they sang their first song together.  The couple, who was named National Duo of the Year in 1997 by the Country Gospel Music Association, began working as the new worship leaders of Celebration Christian Center in July.  Chuck talked about the transition into the new job.

How did you arrive at Celebration Christian Center?

“Irene, who is Pastor David Lance’s wife, was in Arizona for a while. She had met us, heard us sing. Lee’s father pastored the church that she attended. It’s a small world. She had heard that we were back in the music ministry because we had laid it down for a few years, and she invited us to come out. Our ministry is called Fear Free Ministry.”

How did you become the worship leaders?

“We started coming to Lubbock in February. Our ministry is revival worship, so we came to visit and did worship services with (Celebration Christian).  When we first started coming here, we weren’t planning on being worship leaders at their church. As we were doing this— it was amazing— we just started bonding with the church, forming relationships with Pastor David and Irene Lance and as time went on, we discovered that their worship leaders had stepped down.  We had planned a month ahead of time to come here and do a two-week-long revival, and just when we were coming, their worship leaders stepped down.  So interesting enough, we came, we did the revival and then midway through they asked us, ‘Would you be willing (to move)?’ and we said, ‘Why not?’”

What do you hope to accomplish?

“We really feel like God is going to bring revival to the area, to Lubbock.  We hope to be a part of that, just to be vessels.  We’re willing for sure. We’re going to do a lot of outreach things into the community and encourage other churches to be a part of a certain outreach and come together as a group of churches.  Our goal is to unite the community and churches.”

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