Cornerstone church to offer college-level theology course

A local pastor will teach a college-level theology course at Cornerstone Bible Church, located at 7915 Iola Ave.

Steve Spurlin, the pastor of Cornerstone, will teach the course “Systematic Theology I” for credit through Tyndale Theological Seminary. He said the course focuses on bibliology, including the Bible’s origin, inspiration and inerrancy.

“This is a foundational course,” he said.

Most people who come to Tyndale courses at Cornerstone do so just because they want to learn more about the Bible, Spurlin said. They vary in age from 20s to mid-50s.

“They’re just preparing to be better teachers and more knowledgeable about the word of God,” Spurlin said.

Even though it is a Bible study class, Spurlin said students can expect to find the same type of format they would see in other college courses, including a textbook, weekly readings and homework.

“You have at least one term paper per course,” Spurlin said.

About 10-12 students have signed up in the fall and spring semesters for classes at Cornerstone, but Spurlin said he will allow as many as want to come. Normally two or three students attend for credit, he said.

David Unfred completed a master of arts degree at Tyndale about 10 years ago. He’s also got an master of business administration from the University of Norther Colorado and a master of science degree from Texas Tech in microbiology. He teaches business courses at Wayland Baptist University’s Lubbock campus.

“The reason I took the program was to get a little more solid footing on the Bible,” Unfred said. He said he appreciates Tyndale’s conservative approach to teaching Bible classes, and he found that Tyndale was very accessible, allowing him to attend classes on the weekends and to take some courses online.

“I feel like the classes that I took at Tyndale helped me understand the Bible or faith a lot more,” Unfred said.

Cornerstone Bible Church elder Jim Henson said he is pursuing a master of theology degree from Cornerstone. He also has a bachelor’s degree in accounting.

“I’ve participated in all of the classes there (at Cornerstone) so far,” Henson said.

He doesn’t plan to become a preacher, but to use his knowledge to help in a teaching role at his church.

Henson laughed when asked if he is taking the courses for a love of knowledge, replying, “For the need of knowledge, maybe.”

His classes in accounting were different because they involved less creativity, reading and thought, he said.

“I was used to much more, black and white, solve the problem, here’s the answer,” Henson said. “Maybe it’ll make me smarter.”

The course lasts nine weeks and meets each Sunday from 4-6 p.m., starting March 24. The deadline to register is March 13.

For more information or to register, call Cornerstone Bible Church at 783-9551.

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