Cornerstone Bible Church brings Bible Bee to Lubbock

You’ve heard of spelling bees. Cornerstone Bible Church brings you the Bible Bee.

It was started in honor of Shelby Kennedy, a 23-year-old who died in 2005 of cancer. The Shelby Kennedy Foundation was set up in her honor, and it started the bee because of Kennedy’s interest in Bible study.

Teresa Dailey, the coordinator of this year’s regional Bible Bee at Cornerstone, said in the three previous Bible bees, participants came from the Midland and Odessa area, as well as New Mexico. However, very many local students ages 7 to 18 have participated, she said. The closest other regional bees are in Albuquerque, San Angelo and Pampa.

Dailey said organizers are hoping to get more Lubbock area participants involved.

Registration runs through May 31, and materials for the bee will be shipped June 1, Dailey said.

Participants will be tested on their knowledge of one particular book of the Bible, but will also be tested on the memorization of several verses they are given June 1. The book of the Bible and the verses will not be public until after June 1, so all participants will have a fair shot.

Dailey said that locally, participants will be welcome at a few practice fellowships and a mock bee at the end of July.

The regional bee will be Aug. 25 at Cornerstone Bible Church, 7915 Iola Ave. The top 300 national participants will move on to the National Bible Bee.

Lori Robinson, a local parent of three participants in last year’s bee at Cornerstone, said changes in the bee this year will make it easier on families. Last year, she said, even in the division for the youngest students, at least 100 verses had to be memorized, and 300 verses had to be memorized by older students.

This year, the number of verses has been cut to about two per week of the summer, she said.

“What better way to utilize your summer?” she said. “For us, it’s extremely worth it.”

Robinson said her entire family benefits from participation in the bee, including three children who are too young to compete. The younger children get a trickle down effect of listening to the intense Bible study and the verses.

“Our desire is for our children to have as much Scripture memory as possible,” Robinson said.

Preparing for the bee also encourages the whole family to be involved on a daily basis, she said.

“Any family that comes down to this is more aware and alert,” Robinson said.

There is a $30 registration fee for participation. Students will receive a package of study materials, a T-shirt, pin and Bible. For more information or to register, go to, or call Cornerstone at 806-783-9551.

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