Concierge physician Dr. Gray makes time for tailor-made hormone therapy


One of the complaints women have with regard to hormone management is that their OB/BYN physician does not have the time to discuss hormone issues. These women are frustrated with the standard treatments prescribed.

Years ago, treatment options for hormone issues for women were limited; patients were given one of two or three standard treatments then told to “wait it out.” In subsequent years, women were prescribed various hormone combinations of estrogens and synthetic progesterone-like preparations. Instead of measuring actual hormone levels to customize treatment, some physicians would test various combinations of the hormones. In some cases, physicians simply prescribed anti-depressants, which was unsatisfactory to some patients.

In recent years, new information about bioidentical hormones hit the news and women were encouraged. Finally, treatment that assimilated their own body’s natural hormones was available, but there was a new problem. This kind of therapy require more than simple hormone testing; it required extensive discussion with the patient – an activity most physicians simply do not have the time to do.

Women needed a medical home with a physician that was committed to finding hormone solutions that met their needs and they found Dr. Andy Gray.

Dr. Gray has patients in his practice – both men and women – who reported symptoms suggestive of hormone imbalance…long “Low T Syndrome” started being discussed on medical TV programs. For some, it was changes in behavior not noticed before, while for others it was changes in weight, feeling tired all the time or lost interest in intimacy. During their two-hour annual physical, they would talk in depth to Dr. Gray about how they were feeling, when it started, how long it lasted. In turn, Dr. Gray asked numerous questions to really try to understand the patient’s condition and the effect it has on their lives.

To diagnose the proper course of treatment for those with hormone imbalances, Dr. Gray utilizes blood spot and saliva testing, which involves patients collecting saliva samples at different times during the day. These tests, which are done at home, give a much more accurate picture of when hormone levels deplete and allow Dr. Gray to customize the treatment to the individual. Treatments vary from pharmacy compounded creams that contain a mix of hormones, to creams available at the health food store, to combination therapies of hormone supplements and creams. Men benefit from this assessment as well, as many male hormone issues go addressed and undiagnosed yet can be quite easily fixed.

Most important, however, is explaining the results of the tests and providing follow-up visits after treatment is begun. Since Dr. Gray’s concierge patients have unlimited access to him and do not pay a co-pay each time they come in, they can visit with him as many times as needed until their individual treatment is fine-tuned.

One of his patients states, “Dr. Gray was wonderful to answer questions. He listened to my theory that I thought my blood pressure and other issues seemed to relate to mid-life and my hormones. He agreed that was a sincere possibility. I asked if he would help me understand more about my hormones and how they might be affecting me. He shared knowledge, listened to my ideas and answered any and all questions I had. If he didn’t know the answer, he found the answer for me.”

After balancing her hormones, she states, “I have tons of energy, no longer need afternoon naps, am very productive with work, love socializing again, ride my bike two miles most every day and enjoy hiking in the mountains. Who would have ever thought hormones could make such a difference?”

Dr. Gray has a special interest in this area and attends continuing education conferences that address hormone testing and current therapies to ensure he stays on the cutting edge of treatments available.

For more information, contact the office at (806) 785-0600 or visit their website at You’ll find information about the concierge practice, women’s health and answers to frequently asked questions.

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