Class reunions renew Rhyne’s ties with students

Minnie Rhyne

By Jim Jarrett

When Frenship’s class of 1958 recently met at a reunion, Minnie Rhyne also was there.

Rhyne, who taught English in the Frenship school district from 1952 to 1967, visited the group. She’s become a regular at the older Frenship reunions the last five years and enjoys visiting her old students.

“(High school reunions) are like a family reunion. You love to see all of your kids again, although they get older than you are,” she joked.

“I do go to a lot of Frenship reunions because I do live in Lubbock and I love to go to the reunions.”

It is also a chance to hear news on how people are doing.

Last December, Rhyne’s daughter, Karen Rhyne Hays, died of cancer. One of the people at the reunion brought an obituary to share the news with the class.

“I appreciated that because all of these people knew my kids from the time they were babies,” said Rhyne.

“ … They were babies when they grew up in the Frenship Community. We always lived in Lubbock, but because I was teaching out there, my family was always part of the community.”

Rhyne began in Frenship in October 1952, replacing an ill teacher mid-term. She taught sophomores, juniors and seniors. She later taught junior and senior English.

“Eventually, I was only teaching seniors because the school grew to the point that it was all I had time for,” said Rhyne.

Rhyne left in 1967 to spend more time with her children and attend their events at Monterey High School.

She became a substitute teacher for Lubbock ISD after her kids graduated high school.

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