Chief wants to up speed limit on street north of FHS

The Wolfforth police chief would like to change a speed limit north of Frenship High School on Donald Preston Drive.

But he doesn’t want motorists to necessarily drive more slowly. He just wants it to be more consistent with the part of the road east of FM 179.

Chief Rick Scott said just west of FM 179 on Donald Preston, the speed limit drops to 20 mph.

That is inconsistent with the portion of Donald Preston that is east of FM 179, and also has Bennett Elementary School on it. The stretch of road in question is less than a mile west to the city limits.

“It just makes no sense to me that the speed limit is 20 mph there,” said the chief. “I would like to see it set to the same speed as the other side of 179, which is 45 mph.”

Scott said the school zone speed limit along FM 179 in front of FHS is 35 mph. The chief said the slower zone has not caused a problem in the past, but he said he wants the area to be more consistent for drivers.

Wolfforth’s council gave him the go-ahead on Oct. 18 to meet with officials from Frenship Independent School District and Lubbock County to discuss a possible change to the speed limit in that area.

If those parties are agreeable, Scott said the next step is to get Wolfforth’s city attorney to draft an ordinance changing the speed limit on Donald Preston Drive. It could take between 30 and 60 days to get the speed limit changed, he said.

Scott said the city would have to place a new school zone sign along that side of the school if the ordinance is changed, but the speed limit will effectively go up even during school hours from 20 mph to 35 mph.

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