Bryan to direct, act in upcoming dinner theater

Bryan to direct, act in upcoming dinner theater

BY Jim Jarrett

Laura Bryan enjoys putting on a show.

Bryan, who works at the Monterey Church of Christ as a preschool director, will direct and act in the dinner theater performance of “Uncle Phil’s Diner 2: The Reunion” tonight and Saturday at Monterey Church of Christ, 6111 82nd St.

The production is the sequel to “Uncle Phil’s Diner,” which Bryan directed a couple of years ago.

How long have you been involved in arts?

“I did a little theater in high school and in college. While here in Lubbock, I became involved at the Garza Theatre in Post in 1989, I guess. I’ve done a little bit with the Cactus Theater and just loved doing that.

“I started a drama ministry at Monterey (Church of Christ). We put on some summer musicals and some mystery-murder dinner theaters. Those were fun. We just decided to do a dinner theater this year.”

Tell me about your show this weekend, “Uncle Phil’s Diner: The Reunion.”

“It’s set in the 1950s. It’s time for the 1957 reunion.  A kid has pulled a prank and put a cherry bomb in the toilet and it flooded the school.

“They can’t have the reunion banquet at the school, so they move it to Uncle Phil’s Diner. Uncle Phil is out of town. He doesn’t know it’s in his diner. It’s a lot of fun.

“We’ll have a live band doing some 1950s music. We’ll also have a singer doing a live performance. Anyway, it will be a lot of fun. We’ll have hamburgers, chips and some dessert. It’s a pretty good night of entertainment for eight bucks.”

What was the response when you put on the first show, “Uncle Phil’s Diner?”

“It was good. It was a real relaxed evening. It was laid back. Everybody had a good time. We had a lot people say, ‘That was so much fun. When are you going to do that again?’ It’s been two years. We didn’t do one last year.”

Tell me about the cast.

“Stan Tucker is P.J. the DJ. Stan is known in Garza Theatre circles. Ladd Harris is playing the part of the coach. He played the coach last time, and is very funny. We’re bringing him back as the coach.

“Butch David is playing Principal Krepple and I am playing his secretary Gladys Applegarth. It’s Principal Krepple’s quest to find out who did this: Who put the cherry bomb in the toilet?

“That’s kind of a running gag in the show. We also have Dana Sparks coming back. She’s coming back to play her role as FloDene, a bossy waitress.

“Tanner Evans is back as Wally the nerd and he has three other nerds with him. Leanna Ogsden is nerdy Girdy. Maria Elise Robles is playing the part of Bunny Sue, the homecoming chairman who also is running for homecoming queen.”

Is there going to be an “Uncle Phil’s III?”

“Not yet. I haven’t seen one yet. This is probably it for Uncle Phil unless they write another one.

“There’s another few we are looking at for the future and we are looking at another musical to do again. It’s been several years since we’ve done a musical.

“ … We are having a lot of fun with it. We aren’t asking for money. Normally we don’t charge. This one we are charging to cover the cost of the food.”

How many rehearsals have you had?

“We’ve had two rehearsals. We had one on Sunday.  We’ll be rehearsing (this week) because we open on Friday.”

Tell me about your involvement in Sugar and Spice preschool at Monterey Church of Christ.

“We are just wrapping up our 27th year. We take care of children from 6 weeks old all the way up to pre-K and ready them for kindergarten.”

How long have you been working at Sugar and Spice?

“I’ve been the director for eight years. Before that, I taught art and music. Before that, I taught 2-year-olds. Before that I taught high school. I went from high school to preschool. It’s been a lot of fun, though.”

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