Brownie Scout Troop 6891 helps displaced hurricane victims

From back left, Hannah Franklin, Chloe Seeley, Allison Owens, Chelsea Lott, Dawson Haynes, Carlie Bruington, Sierra Duby, Dhadiana Haney, Katelynne Flores, Adrianna Cooper, Lacy Preston , Ashley Rodriguez, Allison Haverdink, and Kathleen Arranaga. (Photo by Karen Michael)

Brownie Scout Troop 6891 is learning more than how to sell peanuts and cookies. While collecting clothes, toys and other items for those displaced by Hurricane Ike, they’ve been learning about community service and compassion.

The troop has 18 Brownie Scouts who meet each Monday at North Ridge Elementary School. The Scouts put collection boxes up in the front of the school, and worked to pick up the donated items and sort and pack them into boxes.

Now the troop will send a garage full of donations to a Scout troop at Ambassador Preparatory Academy in Galveston. Fed Ex has agreed to ship the items for free to Galveston, which otherwise would have cost the Brownies around $1,500.

The Brownies may be young, but they have a definite understanding of what was needed and how they could help.

“We wanted to help the people from Hurricane Ike,” said Ashley Rodriguez, 8.

“Because we thought they needed toys and clothes,” added Allyson Owens, 9.

“They lost everything they had,” said Dawson Haynes, 8.

“We want to help them because we feel like giving stuff to other people and giving to the community,” said Shadiana Haney, 8.

Toys are vital to children, said some of the Brownies.

“If we didn’t have toys, we couldn’t do anything,” said Hannah Franklin, 8.

Brownie Scout Leader Shenaz Haney said collecting the items was a lesson in community service and that the girls have a larger purpose.

“It teaches them you have to be helpful,” said Shenaz Haney.

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