Bring toadstools: Wolfforth fireworks still set for Wednesday night

A July Fourth show of fireworks put on by the Wolfforth Volunteer Fire Department will start as soon as it gets dark on Wednesday, or less than 36 hours from now.

My one and only experience at the Wolfforth show was three years ago. I’m not sure what I expected, but any expectations I had were vastly surpassed. The viewing area seemed to be facing the Frenship Youth Baseball Fields, or Qualls Park, where the fireworks went up. We were actually seated in the larger part of Patterson Park, but close enough to the launching ground at the baseball fields that I was a little worried for my then-two-year-old. Although I had to hold her ears, she also really enjoyed the experience.

The only drawback was my own lack of preparation for such an event. I didn’t bring lawn chairs or a blanket. I’m not sure if I thought enormous toad stools would simply spring from the grass for us to perch upon, but let me assure you if you’re also under that sort of assumption, they won’t. Also, your spousal unit may be quite irritated by your lack of preparation. Consider yourselves warned: there are no toadstools of appropriate size in Patterson Park! There are a few picnic tables and benches, but not enough for a community-wide event.

My family really looked forward to the fireworks displays of 2010 and 2011. But the first summer, they were rained out, and last year, this area simply didn’t get enough rain to risk it. I’ve been waking up my child with a countdown to this year’s display for the last few days.

I’ll reiterate the message of Wolfforth City Secretary Debbie Perkey: Bring chairs. Or blankets. Or your own toadstools. (I added the part about the toadstools. She would never say that!)

You might think about bringing coolers with non-alcoholic beverages of your choice, as well as some bug repellent. (I’ve never seen that many bugs out in Patterson Park, but that could be because most of my outdoors experiences are on virtual worlds rather than in real-world parks.) I heard that the Wolfforth Volunteer Fire Department is selling some concession items in the park, as well.

The fireworks will not be choreographed with music, but will be simulcast with patriotic music on a radio broadcast. You may want to bring a radio to listen while in the park.

Kids will be able to run and play in the playground of Patterson Park, too, but if you’re worried about waiting until the fireworks start, you might consider bringing something for them to do until dark-thirty. I’m thinking we might bring bubbles. Don’t bring fireworks — they aren’t allowed in the park, even sparklers. (I had a fun experience in 2009 watching Wolfforth bike cops ride over to tell a family to ditch the sparklers. The police were really nice about it and even posed for pictures with the kids and gave them Wolfforth Police sticker-badges.)

Lastly, bring your inner children. I have even higher expectations of this year’s show than of the 2009 show, which we really enjoyed. It’s supposed to be a 35-minute show, 10 minutes longer than before. Hopefully it’ll be magnificent!

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