Boy Scouts help build Frenship Mesa Park

From left, Scouts Kyle Anderson, Tim Pfeiffer, Parker Merrill and Jared Tree relax on a bridge Pfeiffer built in Frenship Mesa Park. (Photo by Karen Michael)

Lubbock area Boy Scouts have built bridges, laid bricks, planted trees and foliage and installed pet stations and grills at Wolfforth’s newest park, Frenship Mesa Park.

All will receive badges toward their Eagle Scout status, but four of the Scouts who took on projects at the park said the experience was personally rewarding.

Jared Tree, 16, is a junior at Coronado High School. His project is to put up purple fountain grass, which he said will serve as a park boundary and give the back of neighboring homes a bit more privacy. Tree will also be installing two picnic tables and a bench in the park.

The park project is his final step toward Eagle Scout.

“You become more responsible after doing Scouting. You learn to lead other people,” said Tree.

He said he enjoyed the opportunity to work in the park, and hopes people will find comfort in his contributions.

“It’s not like every guy would get to do a project like this,” said Tree. “It’s a really nice park. I think it’s one of the best in Lubbock. It should be one everyone enjoys.”

Tree also works at Sonic Drive-in and is active in the Lubbock Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Parker Merrill, 15, is still working on his project to install two pet stations at the park, as well as a barbecue grill.

In addition to service hours for his Boy Scout badge, Merrill said he enjoyed the experience of contributing to the park, which he hopes people will use for a long time. In addition, he learned valuable leadership skills, he said, noting that he had a crew of volunteers helping who were willing to meet him at the park at 7 a.m. to complete the work.

Merrill, whose family lives near the park, said he hopes people will be able to come together closer as families and neighbors while playing and relaxing.

To install the pet stations and barbecue grill, Merrill said he had to learn to mix, pour and smooth cement.

Merrill is also involved in football and media class at Frenship High School, where he is a freshman

Tim Pfeiffer, 16, is a sophomore at Coronado High School. With a little help from his friends, his dad and people in the neighborhood, he built a large wooden bridge over a drainage ditch on the walking path around the park.

This was Pfeiffer’s first experience with woodworking and constructing such a large project.

“It was long, but it was worth it,” said Pfeiffer. He estimated that 250 hours of volunteer work went into the bridge, with more than 20 of his own hours involved.

In his free time, Pfeiffer swims competitively, hangs out with friends and is a part of the Lubbock Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Kyle Anderson, 17, is a Coronado High School junior. He created a sign over the park entrance and did brickwork on the ground under the entryway. He also installed a bench and a bike rack, and planted a tree in the entryway.

Anderson said he enjoyed learning as he completed his project, describing how he had to put in an irrigation system for the tree and some other plants in the entryway. Before he could start laying bricks, he had to level the ground before starting, then put in layers of sand and gravel and level that as well. Then came the brickwork, and he had to learn to cut bricks and find measurements for the project.

The project, Anderson said, “taught me how to be a leader of this whole project and not let adults interfere.”

He had to coordinate volunteer efforts, including church members, other Scouts, residents, and his mother, Marti Wallace.

“She was my best volunteer,” said Anderson.

Anderson is active in football, church activities at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, student council, Meals on Wheels and other volunteer activities.

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