Betenbough gives community more than homes

Ron BetenboughRon Betenbough does a lot more than build houses.

He is the owner and vice president of Betenbough Homes and dedicates his business to giving back to the community.

“We are just struggling to do what the Lord wants us to do,” said Betenbough. “We make our living from this community. It has been kind to us for a number of years, and it is our job to give back to the community.”

Through donations to churches, family centers and other organizations, Betenbough does his best to give back.

A local Christian ministry has been set up in the old Betenbough office located at 6402 19th street called Family Coaching. The organization’s goal is to help families resolve issues. Several “coaches” are on staff to help counsel families.

“It is an excellent organization that restores relationships in families,” said Betenbough. “They do a remarkable job and are really good at restoring relationships. We are really proud to be associated with them.”

Betenbough’s outreach to the community expands past the Family Coaching center. Scholarships are given at Lubbock Christian University and Wayland Baptist University each year, as well as donations to several other churches.

Betenbough donates to several organizations outside of the state, such as a youth skate park in Missouri and other church organizations in New Mexico.

“We support a wide variety of Christian faiths,” said Betenbough. “It does not matter what faith it is. We have supported Baptist, Catholic and Church of Christ. We support these churches, but we have also done some physical work.”

Betenbough helped support the Lubbock one-nine skate park.

“Anyone who likes skating will love that park,” said Betenbough. “I myself stay off of the skateboards.”

Betenbough Homes was founded in 1992, but it was not until 1999 that Betenbough and his partner decided to give money back to the community.

“We had a long discussion about what to do with the money we made,” he said. “We decided when you can support your family, the best thing to do is give your money away.”

Since that time, Betenbough said it is the company goal to give back to the community and live like the Lord.

“Our giving is related to what the Lord asks us to do,” said Betenbough. “Because we are a Christian ministry, we attract some good people. Our employees know what our mission statement is. I love being surrounded by the people in our company.”

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