Barbecue and visiting family

For this week’s cover story, Luke Backus writes about barbecuing in the Frenship Community and some secrets of cooking on a grill.

I never have been very good at barbecuing, but I love the food and the atmosphere. A barbecue almost guarantees a good time.

The person doing the grilling is the center of the party. Everyone knows who the cook is and most of the time drops by the grill to check on the progress of the meal.

The best part of any barbecue, of course, is the conversation. When my family and friends barbecue, it’s a chance to catch up, reminisce about old times and just have fun.

Summer’s one of the best times for barbecues, so if you haven’t had a chance yet, get some friends and family together and throw some hot dogs on the grill.

I recently had the chance to see some of my family I haven’t seen in a while. My uncle and his two kids came to visit. I haven’t seen my cousins in about six years, and it’s amazing how much they’ve grown.

When I last saw them, they were children. Now, they’re young adults already making plans for the future.

I have to take time to brag on these two. During their stay at my parents’ house, they were two of the most well-mannered teenagers I’ve seen lately. They helped out around the house without being asked, and before every meal, they bowed their heads to pray.

I’ll really miss having them so close, but I hope to keep in touch with them as they get ready to move on with their lives.

Time goes by so quickly. Before long, I’m sure they’ll be starting families of their own.

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