Aycock recruits college students as member of President’s Select

Caleigh Aycock has been a member of President's Select at Texas Tech since her freshman year. She's now a senior.

Caleigh Aycock has been a member of President's Select at Texas Tech since her freshman year. She's now a senior.

As a highly involved student in her community during high school, Caleigh Aycock continued that in college.

Aycock graduated from Frenship High School in 2006 and currently attends Texas Tech as a broadcast journalism major, minoring in Spanish. She became interested in broadcast after being a member of Advanced Media her senior year of high school.

“Basically everything I’ve done in my broadcast classes in college I’d already done in high school,” she said. “Advanced Media definitely helped me and provided a lot of important opportunities.”

Besides being involved in mass communications at Tech, Aycock is a member of Pi Beta Phi sorority and is the vice president of membership.

As a freshman, Aycock became a part of President’s Select which is a group of students who give campus tours to potential incoming students, she said. The students give five tours every semester.

Aycock is the vice president of athletics for President’s Select and her main job is to recruit athletes, especially football players. She is a hostess to people who come to visit Tech and makes people aware of everything Tech has to offer, she said.

Most of the people she helped recruit for football will play this season and she said she’s excited to see that. Her favorite part of being in President’s Select is simply having the opportunity to tell students about Tech and helping students determine if it’s the right school for them.

Jennie Bailey is Aycock’s adviser in President’s Select and has known her for several years because two of Aycock’s cousins played football for Tech, she said. That is part of the reason Aycock became involved in the athletics department of President’s Select.

“Students involved in President’s Select are the best of the best on Tech campus,” said Bailey. “I think Caleigh is a fantastic young woman. She does anything you ask her to do and always goes above and beyond.”

President’s Select provided Aycock with many activities other students don’t usually get to experience, she said. She went with a group of students to Austin to help lobby for money for Tech and has gotten the opportunity to know Tech’s president and chancellor on a level most students don’t have. As vice president of athletics she also gets to meet and build relationships with athletes and coaches that many people never meet.

“It’s neat to be at the recruiting dinners and have Mike Leach sitting next to you,” she said.

Aycock entered college having already earned 18 hours of school credit and is currently a senior by hours. She’ll finish classes by December and will graduate in May 2010 after participating in an internship. She said she hopes to do a congressional internship in Washington D.C.

After graduation she wants to attend graduate school and try to wait out the economy, she said. If she goes to graduate school, she thinks she wants to study broadcast but would be happy with anything communications oriented.

“I don’t really know where I’ll be in a few years but getting a degree is definitely a good, strong building block,” said Aycock.

She said her dream job is to be a news anchor for a major television station. Aycock had the chance, through one of her journalism classes, to go to dinner with Scott Pelley, a Tech alum, from “60 Minutes” and thinks he has the most ideal job because he’s gotten to travel around the world and meet so many people.

In the summer of 2008, Aycock had the opportunity to travel when she studied abroad in Mexico to finish her Spanish minor. She lived with a host family and said it was a great way to finish her minor and earn more college hours while getting to travel … even though she didn’t go on the trip with people she knew.

“It really was out of my comfort zone,” she said. “I went on the trip without any friends and there was no one Greek (fraternity and sorority members) there, but I came out of the trip with a lot of new and great friends and am extremely glad I did it.”

Aycock also works for her father at Aycock and Fowler Insurance Agency as a part-time receptionist where she has been for about five years.

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