Always Hair Co. gives clients the best products and services

Always Hair Co. is made up of the duo K.C. Bohner and Kem Brady. K.C. is a seasoned veteran in the industry with 28 years of experience, and Kem is an enthusiastic newcomer on the scene for three years. The two keep each other “on their toes.” They learn from one another and are passionate about  providing the best for their clients.

“We only use products that are good for your hair and scalp,” say K.C. and Kem. “You can’t have beautiful hair without a healthy scalp.”

By providing great products like the best brand of hair color on the market, they make sure their clients not only get the best look but also a better head of hair in the long term.

And to maintain healthy hair and scalp in between salon visits, Always Hair sells and highly recommends scalp-friendly salon-grade hair care products like Nioxin®, Terax®, J Beverly Hills, Kadus and Brocato.

“These products are water-based and won’t clog the pores on your scalp,” explains Kem.

They translate their passion for healthy hair and scalp through their many services: cut, color, highlight, perms, waxings, eye lash extensions, and hair extensions.

One service dear to their hearts is the HairDreams® microlines-system extensions. Since image and self confidence go hand in hand, these extensions give women with thinning hair back their self image.

Always Hair is one of only a handful of salons in Lubbock that provide this service. The microlines-system was developed especially for women with severely thinning hair on top of their heads. Unlike a wig or hair piece, women can participate in any activity (even swimming) without the worry or embarrassment of losing their cosmetic hair piece.

The DreamHair microlines process starts with a consultation with K.C. or Kem. After listening to a client’s concerns and wishes, and determining color, length and volume, they order the 100 percent human hair from DreamHair. Clients can choose from 10-22 inch  length hair. After the hair arrives, the pain-staking process of bonding the micro-fine, virtually invisible hairnet to the client’s own hair begins. The process can take a few hours depending on the client. When all the pieces are in place, your stylist cuts your hair to your desired look. The final result is a full and natural-looking head of hair. Since it is real human hair, you can treat it as you would your own hair.

After the initial application, you can maintain the look by visiting Always Hair every 4 to 6 weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows. K.C. or Kem will “tighten” the microline by carefully removing the bonding points and then re-attaching it close to the scalp. The high-quality hair can be re-attached for up to five years.

If you would like to learn more about the microlines-system or about the services Always Hair provides, call (806) 797-3634 for additional information. The salon is located at 4601 S. Loop 289, No. 17 in Salem Village.

The salon is open Tuesday through Saturday; clients are scheduled by appointment only. K.C. and Kem know that  undergoing the microlines-system process can be an emotional and private matter, so if requested private appointments may be arranged.

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