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Two Frenship High School teams to launch at national rocketry contest(0)

April 17, 2014

Each year, they’ve gotten a little better at building rockets, Frenship High juniors headed to a national rocketry competition said. “Freshman year, I think my rocket made it 32 feet off the ground and then exploded,” Ryan Steelman said. Another member of his team, A.J. Davison, pointed out a burned parachute hanging from the ceiling […]

Two Frenship High School teams to launch at national rocketry contest

3 FISD educators receive Beaumont Foundation awards

Three of the Frenship Independent School District’s teachers have won $10,000 and a Newton Excellence in Education Award from the Beaumont Foundation. The awards are given for leadership and dedication that have inspired a spirit of learning. Julie Rogers of North Ridge Elementary School, Laura Grace of Terra Vista Middle School and Altah Swindle of […]

Frenship voters discuss ninth-grade center

Wolfforth resident Gene Cates isn’t sold on the proposed ninth-grade center that Frenship ISD wants to build. At a meeting at Frenship Middle School on Monday, March 31, he expressed support for the $85.2 million bond the district was asking for, but said he is worried about the foot traffic going across FM 179 as […]

Kahn is monthly Acts of Kindness winner

The February winner of the Frenship High School Parent Teacher Student Association Acts of Kindness Award is kind to her fellow students on a daily basis. Addison Kahn was awarded the PTSA Acts of Kindness Award, which is given monthly to a student whom a teacher observes displaying kindness. Joni Burks nominated Addison, a sophomore, […]

Frenship aims to improve PSAT, SAT scores

Frenship Independent School District has a goal of increasing PSAT and SAT scores by 10 percent in the next four years, according to a report given to the FISD Board of Trustees on Monday, March 10. Gail Smith, FISD coordinator of science, said the district also aims to improve the number of students receiving qualifying […]

Frenship HS students to choose endorsements under new legislative grad plans

Frenship High School students and parents are overwhelmed by the number of choices they are now being offered in graduation plans. That’s how Principal Kim Spicer described it at a town hall meeting at the high school earlier this week. “They’re afraid if they don’t pick the right courses, they won’t take enough to graduate,” […]

Sunbutter a regular snack for allergy-concerned schools

Sunbutter and jelly sandwiches are a regular feature of Frenship school menus. But what is sunbutter? In response to a number of children who have peanut allergies, many school districts now use a similar product made from sunflower seeds. Sunbutter often has to be stirred before using because the oils separate, but it is creamy […]

Frenship spelling bee champ wins in 15 rounds

Stridency. Bountiful. Presumptuous. Bloviate. Matriculation. Revanche. Isochronous. Arraignment. Freudian. Sotto voce. Antics. Secure. Intact. Sulking. Hammock. Those were the 15 words Ana Venasquez had to spell correctly to become Frenship Independent School District’s champion speller at the district spelling bee Friday, Feb. 7. Nine school champions from Frenship’s elementary and middle schools lined up at […]

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