2001 graduate heeds God’s call, becomes youth minister

Jeremy Gilbert was only at Frenship High School for a year and a half, but that was long enough to meet his future wife and start his future in Lubbock.

Gilbert, a 2001 graduate, met his wife two days after transferring to FHS from a school in Minnesota. He is originally from Plainview, but spent some of his teen years in Minnesota.

Sitting alone at a cafeteria table because he didn’t know anyone, Tiffany McDole and her friends joined him. During their senior year, the two began dating, and married in 2005.

He didn’t spend a lot of time on extracurricular activities in high school, Gilbert said, because he was working with his uncle on building houses. He continued in the real estate business during college while remodeling houses and selling them.

After high school, Gilbert went to Texas Tech, where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in finance.

“I liked finance, and I thought I would stay in that,” said Gilbert, adding that he thought he would make a lot of money. “That may be what I planned on, but that’s not what God had planned for me.”

In 2004, Gilbert heeded God’s call to preach, and became more involved with Temple Baptist Church, where he was soon a part-time youth minister. Just this year, he took a full-time youth pastor position at Faith Baptist.

“The Lord just kind of led me over to Faith,” Gilbert said. “When you do what God wants you to do, you’re always the happiest … I’m glad that I’m doing what I’m doing now.”

Gilbert said he likes seeing teens make good decisions.

“There’s just so many teens that come through that you deal with, and many of them end up making the wrong decision, and those kind of break you down. But seeing those that choose the right way, those make it all worth it.”

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