1989 Frenship High School grad says he bleeds red and black even though living in San Antonio

One former Frenship football player may have moved away, but he said his heart still bleeds Raider red and black and he still comes back to visit family in the area.

Jeff Mankins, a 1989 graduate of Frenship High School, was involved in football, basketball and tennis during high school.

“Other than that, I pretty much just stayed in trouble,” said Mankins.

After his graduation, Mankins attended Texas Tech, but moved away just before graduating with his wife, Julie, when she got a teaching job in San Antonio, where his parents had moved. Julie taught for a year in the Frenship Independent School District before they moved.

“I left Tech in 94 with 18 hours left, and graduated from Southwest Texas in ’96,” said Mankins. “I bleed red and black, but my piece of paper comes from Texas State, or Southwest Texas.”

Southwest Texas State changed its name to Texas State in 2003.

If Mankins’ parents had not moved to San Antonio, he said he doubts the couple would ever have moved from Lubbock, and he said they still visit about once a year.

Mankins said he stays in touch with friends like Yon Lee and Kevin McCullough, who stood up with him at his wedding, and LuAnn (Jenkins) Jordan.

He is now a salesman for a company called Game Time, which sells playground equipment to cities and schools.

“After nine years of marriage, we finally had a child,” said Mankins. He and Julie now have two boys, Riley, 7, and Ryder, 2. Both were born on the same date in August, and his wife’s birthday and anniversary is also in August.

In his free time, Mankins coaches soccer, basketball and tee ball to small children at the YMCA. He also likes to play tennis and golf.

Mankins’ father, Jerry, was a coach at Frenship during the time Jeff Mankins was in school, from 1984 to 1989.

“My father passed away in January of this year,” said Mankins. “He was 61, and he was married for 40 years… He was an excellent grandfather, an excellent father.”

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